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The only tool in the US market that includes A/B testing, analytics, personalization, meaningful insights, on-app engagement library, session recording, heatmap, NPS, predictive segmentation and test strategy.

Test, personalize, collect and analyze

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A/B Testing Reporting
Data Visualisation
A/B Testing & MVT

Expandable template library

Remarket and engage your visitors on-site with our 50+ template library. Personalize your messages, pop-up, banners or countdown timer - no code required!

"Tests with AB Tasty are so quick and easy to set up that they soon become contagious! It’s great to be able to confirm various theories we may have about things, such as usability and our commercial proposition."

Nicolas Dubois - Online Sales, Bouygues Telecom

Tailored support

A good tool is ok, but imagine what you could do with an entire consulting team specialized in test strategy and technical support. Take advantage of our wealth of experience in testing to make the most of AB testing e.g. test ideas, implementation, multivariate tests, better understanding of the results etc.

Full personalization

AB Tasty offers an extensive audience personalization tool. You can change the traffic allocation mid-campaign and segment your tests according to the user’s source: web, mobile, tablet.  Predictive segmentation is also natively integrated in AB Tasty, which dynamically allocates your best working variations.


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