APAC Digital Summit 2021

The Future of Experience Optimisation

Join AB Tasty and our seasoned solutions partners, Conversion Kings, Dentsu Commerce, and Verticurl, as they share their digital expertise during this afternoon dedicated to experience optimisation.

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The future of experience optimisation is now!

The world has changed and greatly accelerated the use and adoption of the digital channel as a way of life. This radical change has also accelerated the demand for more immersive and personalised experiences, which customers now demand and expect.

During this virtual event, our experts will discuss the themes of personalisation, experimentation, data, and how they will impact digital experiences in 2021


The event will be divided into 4 sessions. Interested in joining multiple sessions? Register for each session you’d like to attend below.
Registering for a session does not automatically register you for the entire event or for additional sessions.

1:00-1:30 SGT

(4:00-4:30 AEST)

Connecting the dots, a 360 approach to Experience Optimisation

In this session, Aaron Stillman, Director of Product Marketing at AB Tasty will present a 360 approach to experience optimisation. Learn about the trends and market dynamics that have led to this 360 approach.

Aaron Stillman

Director of Product Marketing

1:30 - 2:00 SGT

(4:30-5:00 AEST)

2021: How to Optimise your Online Experience for each stage of the User Journey

In this session, we will share how to create a successful conversion strategy for each stage of the user journey. Starting with a mini master class on the R.A.C.E. framework, Matt will show you how to measure and optimise your user journeys, while incorporating advanced optimisation techniques that creates personalised experiences for each page. 

Completing this fast-paced session, Matt will conclude with the best practices when creating a conversion strategy that will increase velocity and results of your optimisation program.

Matthew Pezzimenti

Founder & Head of Conversion Strategy

2:00-2:30 SGT

(5:00-5:30pm AEST)

Precise Personalisation - The key to success for Online Business

An increasingly precise personalisation, based on the right data, will be a key to success for any online business. It helps to increase the lifetime value of every single customer and build a better brand experience. 

In our discussion, we will look at some of the major aspects and future trends of personalisation and data.

Patrick Deloy

Chief Growth and Strategy Officer, APAC

2:30-3:00 SGT

(5:30-6:00 AEST)

The Rise of Personalisation in a Cookie-less World

In this session, you will hear about the increased importance of focusing on your owned media platforms as the 3rd party cookie disappears, limiting some of the paid media activities that the brands have been leveraging till now.

 In this scenario, personalisation becomes even more critical as brands need to look at engaging with their customers based on the specific profile, activity and transaction data they “own” for each of these customers. This session will equip you with a framework to create a roadmap for personalisation, enabling you to provide a better and more relevant experience for each of your customers.

Kumar Vikram

Senior Director, Strategy

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