3 Questions for Good Growth

AB TastyBlog3 Questions for Good Growth

We kickstarted our UK partner series by sitting down with James Hammersley, CEO and Co-Founder of Good Growth and asked him the following 3 questions:

At Good Growth, you “use science to put the customer at the heart of decision-making” – what does that mean?

The principle in science of hypothesis led discovery is incredibly powerful and useful for brands seeking more profitable growth:  the focus is essentially on using data to test hypotheses and to continuously learn more about your customers.  The most successful advocates are curious about failure and want to learn more, we therefore point them to the data (the science) every time.  What’s not to like?

What are you most proud of at Good Growth?

How we have established ourselves as a global consultancy working with some of the world’s greatest brands.  When we wrote the book ‘Leading Digital Strategy’ and started to work with such a breadth of brands from different sectors – most people thought we were mad!
However – from brands operating in areas as diverse as fast fashion, telco, grocery, media, education, B2B, the principles have been shown to work in every sector and industry.  It is exciting (and encouraging!).

Which ultimate tip for experience optimization do you have for our readers?

Listen to your customers describing why they fail to buy.  It will surprise you and in turn will make you more profitable, but make sure you do so in a ‘test and learn’ way!


About Good Growth

Finding ourselves frustrated by poor online experiences and understanding how this directly impacts revenue, an idea took hold. This idea was Good Growth, founded on our ability to help organizations understand the customer and work together to improve commercial performance. We work with leading brands globally to build, grow and optimize their digital channels faster and more profitability than their competitors. Our clients tell us that our difference comes with our approach: Commercially effective digital strategies that are customer-focused and based on a scientific blend of insight and innovation.


Want to learn more about Good Growth? You can reach out via enquiries@goodgrowth.co.uk, call on +44 207 183 0964, visit https://goodgrowth.co.uk/ or follow them on LinkedIn.

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