In Case You Missed It: AB Tasty’s Latest Announcements

If you weren’t able to attend our latest event in Paris, La Matinée de la Conversion, here’s a quick overview of the news that was announced:

AB Tasty at Station F

‘Innovation is in our DNA’.  This was how our Chief Data Scientist Hubert Wassner introduced the exciting news that AB Tasty was chosen to be part of the Microsoft AI Factory program at the selective Station F. Piloted by both Microsoft and INRIA (The French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation), the program aims to bring startups with serious AI ambitions together with researchers, data scientists, engineering experts and developers.

The way I see it, AB Tasty is a rocket and Station F is the launch pad. It’s a perfect fit. We’re thrilled to be a part of this community and be able to benefit from the expertise of other members sitting right next to us. This cross-fertilization will surely help the data science team find even more creative ways to use statistics to help marketers with their daily tasks.

Product roadmap 2018

Our product has evolved a lot since 2012. What started as an A/B testing tool transformed year after year, growing to include personalization functions, marketing campaigns, clever stats, data insight capabilities and even universal compatibility with any JavaScript framework.

Our challenge for 2018 is to increase the kinds of tests and personalization campaigns possible with AB Tasty, while still keeping marketers at the center of our company.

To that end, our Co-founder Rémi Aubert had 4 major announcements to make:

1) Server-side testing: AB Tasty is launching a server-side A/B testing solution!

With server-side testing, marketers have many more testing options to play with, since you can change any aspect of your site, whether front-end or back-end.  This opens up a whole new landscape of testing possibilities, including:

  • Chatbot conversations
  • Mobile apps
  • Transactional email open rates
  • Optimize algorithms
  • Optimize Push Notifications
  • Optimize product visuals
  • Optimize price
  • Optimize media article titles

Rémi even coined a new word, reflecting the 360-degree nature of all of these tests: Omnimization, or the optimization of all marketing channels.

2) Predictive Personalization

Today, our personalization capabilities are ‘rule-based’: marketers themselves define segments, messages, and triggers – the famous ‘right message to the right person at the right time’. Our goal for this year is to move forward with predictive personalization. In this model, algorithms identify patterns in consumer profiles and behavior, and themselves establish relevant segments and match them with the appropriate personalized message. This makes it easier for marketers to scale up a digital personalization strategy and reveals important insights hidden in the data.

AB Tasty’s CEO and Co-founder Alix de Sagazan did have one caveat – that people, not algorithms, still remain the focal point of AB Tasty:

“Though we’re actively developing our platform’s artificial intelligence capabilities and recognize the advantages they can bring to our tool and our clients, we fully realize that human creativity is still the beating heart of our product vision. Predictive analytics can’t replace good human intuition – it should instead augment and facilitate its inception and development, from idea to test to implementation and analysis.” – Alix de Sagazan, CEO at AB Tasty

3) Reporting API

Creating a reporting API means we’ll be providing our clients with a way of accessing their own AB Tasty data without having to go through our platform. For example, if you want to know how many tests have been launched between December 12th, 2017 and January 24th, 2018, you can find this out with a simple line of code. You can also get information like the number of visitors who were part of any given A/B test, etc.

The idea is to open up our data to our clients so that they can cross reference them with their own proprietary data or maybe even build on top of it and create bespoke solutions that meet their exact use cases

4) Widget Library

Black Friday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Sales or special occasions…all are cyclical, high-traffic periods punctuating a website’s lifespan. However, for marketers, getting the most out of these important events can require a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, IT departments don’t always prioritize the kinds of tasks required during these periods, and sometimes there simply isn’t any budget for it.

To help you deal with these constraints, we designed a widget library that lets marketers create their own push marketing campaigns to help boost engagement with website users.

And, even better: in the near future, we’ll be transforming the ‘library’ into a ‘marketplace’. A bit like the Apple App Store, we want to encourage any web developer with great ideas to code their own widgets and make them available to the entire AB Tasty community.

2018 Awards

Last but not least, AB Tasty gave out awards to clients who had the best campaigns in a series of categories. Drum roll, please…

The most ROI-focused campaign

Brand Alley

Camille Clement, Mobile Manager, and Gérôme Delomez, Web and Analytics Project Manager

Brandalley went home with the trophy for ‘most ROI-focused campaign’ for the work they did on their mobile site. By simply hiding the thumbnails under the main image on the mobile site, (which made the price more visible), Brandalley was able to:

  • Boost clicks to the ‘add to basket’ CTA by 14%
  • Achieve 18% more access to the delivery page
  • Achieve 29% more transactions

The most advanced personalization scenario

Sébastien Lardez, Digital Analyst

For FDJ, the process of topping up an account is key for online players. That’s why they decided to put in place a personalization campaign geared towards people who had just added money to their accounts. They opted for a retention popin format – on desktop and mobile – that redirects players to a satisfaction survey. FDJ was able to gather many valuable insights about their users’ browsing experience – as well as the prize for most advanced personalization campaign.

The most surprising insight


Caroline Rosset, Manager of the site

Working with the conversion agency Uptilab, Banque Casino was able to identify different categories of consumers, discover new ways of optimizing the site, and fill their year with fruitful tests. AB Tasty’s Session Recording function was behind all of these discoveries, helping them take home the prize of “most surprising insight.”

The most original widget

La Halle

Claire Guillemette, Graphic Designer – Communication & Image

As part of their Cyber Monday offer, the retailer La Halle had the original idea of making 1 euro symbols rain down on its website visitors.  And it was pretty easy, too – all they had to do was use the snowflake widget and swap the snowflake for the more creative 1 euro image.

1+1=3 : best campaign using a third-party tool

Emilien Mahé, E-merchandizing Project Manager

Home decor store Delamaison was afraid they were missing out on potential customers – people who came to browse but also sometimes then went on competitors’ websites to compare prices. Working with Antvoice, a product recommendation solution, they introduced a retention popin for visitors that landed on the site from Google Shopping. The Popin showed the visitors items they were susceptible to like, including a few that were just a bit less expensive than similar products they had recently viewed. They were able to boost the transaction stats for these visitors in the following ways:

  • + 32% access rate to product descriptions
  • + 18% click rate to products in the popin
  • + 4% transactions for visitors exposed to the campaign

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