Sharanya Manola

Writing a Customer Survey: What to Ask and Best Practices

Products are built for the user. It may sound like an obvious statement, but it’s a crucial reminder of the … Read more

Survey tools

Free and Paid Survey Tools For User Experience Research in 2019

Getting to know your audience is important. Our 2019 list of survey tools will help you get the right equipment in place to get started.

How to Build (Not Buy) an Email List

Today, 99% of consumers check their emails daily. By 2020, the number of active email accounts worldwide will reach 4.3 … Read more

Times Marketing Emails

The Best Times to Send Marketing Emails

Ever hesitated before pressing ‘send’, unsure if you chose the optimal day and time for your marketing email? This article is for you.

2019 Lead Generation Intro Guide

In this article, we’ll look at some best practices and examples to help you create high-converting lead generation pages. 

Anchor on ship

Anchoring Bias and Its Effects on Decision-Making

Understand how to use and apply the Anchoring Bias to your pricing strategies on the web, for higher conversion rates.

What is Market Segmentation?

We’ll take a quick look at what market segmentation is, why it’s important, and how to get started.

What Is Retargeting and How Can It Increase Conversion Rates?

Picture this: You’re moving into a new home in a month and have started online shopping for furniture. You see … Read more

How to Reduce Churn to Increase Profitability

Conversion rate optimization is vital to maximizing the potential of web traffic, but it’s equally important to retain customers once … Read more


How to Use Psychographics in Digital Marketing

Want to create more personalized, more effective digital campaigns? Adding psychographic data to your marketing mix is one way to drive home your message.

Google tag manager

Introduction to Google Tag Manager

Are you new to Google Tag Manager (GTM)? Check out our quick intro into pros, cons and how to get started with this popular online tool.

Personalization Digital

What is Personalization in Digital Marketing?

Personalization is a popular digital marketing and customer experience technique. Learn the basics, plus some best practices and use cases.

What is bias

What is ‘Bias’ And How to Apply it to Web Optimization

Did you know that we’re all ‘victims’ of bias? Cognitive biases, that is. Learn what they are and how to use them for web optimization.

How to Calculate, Track, and Analyze Conversion Rates

How to Calculate Conversions Before discussing the formula, let’s define what we mean when we say conversion. This is a broad … Read more

Framing Effect feature image

You’ve Been Framed: How The Framing Effect Impacts UX Testing & Design Choices

Framing Effect is like mercury and can slip through the tiniest of cracks and result in inaccurate decisions. But it can also be used to accomplish some research goals. How? Find out in this post.

loss aversion

Loss Aversion Strategies to Dial-Up Your Ecommerce Conversion

Smart marketers use loss aversion strategies to engage and convert customers. You, too, can start using this cognitive bias to your benefit.

priming for ux

How Priming Users’ Expectations Improves Your Website’s UX

Learn what the Priming Effect is, why it’s so powerful, and how it can be useful for marketers and UX designers!

Halo effect

Halo Effect: What it is, Why it Works and How to Use it

The Halo Effect is our tendency to make an overall impression of a person based on a single trait. If X is good-looking, X is a good person.

confirmation bias blog header

How Marketers Can Overcome Their Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias or my-side bias is rampant in marketing; none of us can escape it. However, with conscious effort, we can sniff it out and make better marketing decisions.

cognitive dissonance blog article

Cognitive Dissonance: How You Can Resolve It And Drive More Conversions

As more and more people are shopping online, they’re also becoming increasingly skeptical, meaning there’s even more of a chance they will experience cognitive dissonance.

Using The Principles of Persuasion to Influence Decision-Making

Dr. Robert B. Cialdini first talked about the principles of persuasion, or what he called the “universals that guide human … Read more

7 Ways To Make Your Testimonials More Persuasive  

Social proof is pivotal in establishing your company’s credibility. Recommendations from current customers cultivates trust in your brand, and prospective … Read more

Use These 8 Web Design Principles to Boost Your Email Conversion

Use These 8 Web Design Principles to Boost Your Email Conversion

Take advantage of email conversion tips that will guide you to not only design masterpiece emails but also make your subscribers look forward to hearing from you.