Create Efficiency by Choosing the Right Timing and Frequency for Your Campaigns

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You might have the state-of-the-art product that is a brilliant match for your target audience. You might have come up with a powerful message to promote it. If you haven’t given enough attention to finding the right timing and frequency for your communication, all your efforts will be wasted! 💸


According to a 2021 study from the Harvard Business Review, since the arrival of pandemics, the average workday has increased by 48 minutes. Finding the right timing to reach your audience has become even harder.


Communicating all the time is expensive.

Choosing the right timing and accurate frequency creates efficiency. 🚀

There are a few strategies that you might want to adopt to get the most attention from your audience.


Surf on your traffic peaks 🏄

Analytics is surely part of your daily routine. You check the performance of your website, spot behavioral trends and the evolving needs of customers. Very often, traffic intensity fluctuates during the day. You can clearly observe traffic peaks when there are many visitors at the same time, creating a lot of interaction and interest in your content, maybe even higher conversion rates. Depending on your business specificity, this can occur at different times of the day. Make the most of these spotlights by focusing your campaigns on these time slots. A great example of a type of campaign to address this prime time can be Happy Hour. It’s a great way to grab the attention of your audience and really boost your conversion rates.


For example, being a fashion retailer, you have observed an important peak of traffic every weekend between 7 pm and 8.30 pm. Introducing a Happy Hour sale that runs for this specific time slot and only during the weekends could be an effective way of boosting the performance of your digital business. You can run it by adding a dedicated banner on your category pages, for instance


Boost recurring slowdowns 💪

You might also go the opposite direction. Your analytics clearly show that there are times during the day or days of the week that generate limited audience on your website, with little traction. Your business might be suffering from this, so you could be looking for the best ways to address these slowdowns and boost your performance.


Identifying them and creating limited-time sales during these slots could significantly contribute to your business well-being. It could help you attract a larger audience and generate better conversions. Adding a countdown banner on your website could be very helpful to create urgency and encourage your visitors to convert faster.


Take the opportunity to engage with your audience personally 

Your online business objective could be to drive traffic to your stores, agencies, or call centers. As a bank, insurer or even a luxury brand, it might be the only effective way for you to convert your prospects into customers. They might feel reassured by exchanging with your advisers or even discovering the products or services in person.


In this case, it might be very beneficial to address your online users browsing through your website by encouraging them to come visit your store or agency, or simply call you. You may even offer to call them back. In order to get the most out of this strategy, it’s better to do it only when you are available to receive them, displaying this message only during your working hours. For instance, a bank might want to redirect their online visitors to the nearest branch by serving them a pop up indicating its address during their working hours. You can even apply the reverse strategy, displaying the call center number only when your agencies are closed, so that customers still get the chance to exchange with you personally.


Campaign Scheduler to help you define the timing and frequency of your campaigns

No matter which strategy you decide to use, AB Tasty’s newly released Campaign Scheduler will help you easily set up the right timing and frequency for your experiments and personalizations. You will be able to select a predefined recurrence, or customize it based on your needs.
Simple, fast and intuitive, just the way you like it 🎁

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