Introducing: Image Matchmaker

If you work in retail, travel or luxury, you know how important alluring images are in the user experience. Choosing the right photograph for a product page is painstaking, and often has a huge impact on how well that page converts.

In fact, if you’re the one in charge of running experiments on these pages, you might have spent countless hours running A/B or multivariate tests to determine exactly which image leads to the best results. Though you might have finally found the winner, the entire process no doubt took up more time than you would have liked.

This is precisely this issue we wanted to tackle with the release of our latest dynamic widget, Image Matchmaker.

Automate for Faster, Better Results

When it comes to automation, we’re of the mind at AB Tasty that it can make your life a whole lot easier – especially if you’re the one running experiments on your website.

Take Image Matchmaker, the second dynamic widget in our Nudge Engagement library.

The idea behind Image Matchmaker is simple: use AI-powered automation to drastically increase the speed at which you can run conclusive A/B tests – and therefore the number of them you can reasonably do.

Let’s say you have 10 images in a carousel on one of your product pages for hotels in Venice. You’d very much like to know which of these visuals – a romantic gondola, a savory plate of bruschetta, a scenic hotel entrance, and so on – will encourage visitors to click ‘book now.’

With Image Matchmaker, you don’t have to manually set up each A/B test, one by one.

Instead, you simply configure the widget in a few steps. Our proprietary algorithm runs the experiment for you, and automatically determines which photo leads to the most conversions. Even better, it seamlessly puts that image front and center on your product page, once it can determine it’s the uncontested winner. No more guesswork!

Image Matchmaker mock up

Go Further Thanks to Image Matchmaker

Image Matchmaker lets you find the highest converting image on your product page, almost automatically. It matches your audience with the visual they find most appealing, and in a hands-free, automated and time-saving way.

It’s a perfect example of our vision of AI, and a milestone in the evolution of our Nudge Engagement Library and experimentation platform.

Artificial Intelligence is a great boon for marketers who are constantly submerged under repetitive drudge-work – and we’re convinced that this is pretty much all marketers. It frees them up to focus on the more creative, rewarding work which is the reason most of us get into the profession in the first place.

Image Matchmaker, after our Social Proof Widget, is the second of a series of dynamic widgets based on real-time data and automation. We’re committed to not only helping you use your data to build better, more engaging user experiences, but to save you time and energy in the process.

Image Matchmaker is part of our Nudge Engagement library. Are you already an AB Tasty customer and want to learn more? Contact your Customer Success Manager.

Not yet working with AB Tasty? Check out an on-demand demo here, or get in touch for a custom run-through!


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