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Our new, enhanced reporting feature ensures marketing and product teams have all the data needed to confidently make decisions and transform results into actionable insights.

AB Tasty runs on data, and we recently evolved our data infrastructure to allow for more data collection than ever. This will help power more robust, highly targeted campaigns—and help our platform evolve overall.

Now, we’re launching an entirely upgraded reporting feature, complete with a new look and, crucially, with significantly faster data collection capabilities that can quickly be drilled down to important metrics.

Our new reporting feature is easier to use, blazingly fast, and helps you focus on what matters. With our new data model, Universal Collect, we’re also enlarging the data collection scope with hundreds of metrics and dimensions – to pave the way for improvements and new features.

Save time, deeper insights

At AB Tasty, we think measuring the success of your campaigns should be easy. New reports are optimized for your workflow, with the goal to make it easier to understand data and allow for fast decision-making.

Clear overview of your results

When loading your reports, you’ll get the big picture of what’s happening in your campaigns at any given moment. You’ll see the amount of visitors, your primary goal with its conversion rate, the improvement and the Gain Probability.


Go further

Even if our reporting is made to be easy to read at first glance, you can go further and display the data that is being used to calculate your results in various ways. Switch between Unique Visitors and Sessions and access your confidence interval powered by our Bayesian statistics engine.

Use our advanced search functionality to apply filters to your results.


New statistical metric to facilitate the decision-making process

Expressed as a percentage, the new metric Gain Probability represents the chances of the considered variation faring better than the reference variation for the goal. To that extent, the Gain Probability sums up the Bayesian confidence interval and gives a clear and concise answer to the question, “is my variation better than my original?”.

This will remove any doubt and help you understand the success of a campaign in a snap.

Set and achieve goals, clearly

To align with our best practice of setting a primary goal along with any secondary goals, we’ve introduced a brand new step in the campaign creation process.

The primary goal serves as a point of reference for the entire campaign and enables you to determine which variation takes precedence over the others.

You can track almost any goal or metric. Create your own custom goals or stick to standard goals: click tracking, URL tracking, transactions, bounce rate, behavioral metrics and more.

Get industry specific

New Reports is built to be easily adapted to your specific business case. Set your campaigns specifically for your industry and goals. Whether it’s visitors view for e-commerce or session view for media. 

Easily customize the way data is being collected

Our data collection engine runs through a REST API. Hundreds of events are sent automatically by our JavaScript tag, but you can build your own to track down anything that is specific to your business and that you want to find in reports. Read more in our dedicated Developer Portal.

Setting the stage for the future

The biggest changes to our New Reports are under the surface. Our new data collection model lets us collect more data with better performance. And thanks to React JS, our features are fully modular, which means we can continue to improve reports incrementally.

We have a long list of innovative features we want to integrate in the new reporting –stay tuned!

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