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Developers are busy people. They’re key players in the tech world, but also sometimes need to lend their time to assisting marketing teams. Their tightly-packed schedules can make it difficult to keep track of various documentation and resources or set aside time for continued learning.

That’s why we’re introducing the AB Tasty Developer Portal.

Whether you’re searching for announcements, sample code, or helper documents, this is the place to learn about the latest developer-related changes we have going on.

We’ve put our best effort into making sure the content and organization of this hub is relevant – and perhaps most important – time-saving for your developer team.

Your Go-To Hub for Developer Documentation

The Developer Portal aggregates documentation from a lot of sources. Perhaps you’re interested in our server-side solution? Or maybe you’d like to understand how our widgets are created? That is exactly the kind of information we’ve gathered in the hub.

A Complete Collection of References, Documents, and Concepts

No matter how your dev team has put the stack together, we guarantee that you can find and hook it up to our technical documentation organization in no time.

Check out this server-side documentation on how to get your back-end team started.

Streamline Discovery and Enhance the Developer Experience

Increase your productivity by referencing code and documentation that’s always up to date: find the latest changelog information, help guides or common errors.

We will successively be adding new developer docs and extending the knowledge base.

And the best thing is: this portal is open for both external developers and AB Tasty members. Start discovering, consuming and managing APIs today.

“Developers are struggling setting up new integrations & access AB Tasty APIs. That’s why we’re introducing the AB Tasty Developer Portal – your central hub for all developer documentation. You can find sample code, helper documents, technical documentation and much more.”

The portal organizes documentation into 8 main categories

The portal gives you a quick overview of every feature. Based on a tree column template, it lists products and usage, an explanation for each feature, and code examples.

  • Widgets documentation
  • Server-side documentation
  • DMP Integrations documentation
  • Public API documentation
  • Universal Collect documentation
  • Data Explorer documentation
  • Modules from our Lab section
  • Mobile SDK Documentation, for both Android and iOS

Widgets: Get the full history of how our widgets are created and how to customize them. Discover best practices, learn how to avoid CSS conflicts between the website and your widgets, and much more.

Server-side tests: Everything you need to know about our Server-side solution and how to get started.

Mobile SDK documentation: iOS and Android: Take your testing to the next level by learning how to create server-side tests on your native iOS or Android apps.

Integrations: Learn about our analytics and DMP integrations to get you going and prepare all the information you need to accelerate things with your partner team.

Public APIs: This section helps you understand how to configure an external tool. As an example, you’ll be able to develop an external dashboard and manage your account from your intranet thanks to the public API. Use the AB Tasty API to integrate AB Tasty’s data into your own web applications.

Universal Data Collect: Find information about how Universal Collect hits are built and how to send them properly.

Data Explorer: Learn how we integrate with your data source. The developer portal gives you information on how to export data directly from our data crunch tool Data Explorer to your own business intelligence tools.

Modules: Understand how to create modules from the Lab section in the AB Tasty.

We will successively be adding new developer docs and extending the knowledge base.

Get started

Head over to the Developer portal to get started! Anyone can access the hub, with or without an AB Tasty account. And while you’re at it, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you think.

In the long term, the portal will be open for anyone to adjust, add to, and interact with as a part of a community. Or, you could join the team! We’re always looking for great developers.

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