AB Tasty’s New QA Assistant Ensures the Highest Quality of Your Campaigns and Saves You Money

AB TastyBlogProduct UpdatesAB Tasty’s New QA Assistant Ensures the Highest Quality of Your Campaigns and Saves You Money

Did you ever dare to launch an optimization campaign without validating that it works as intended? 😈


There are so many factors that can speed you up and, as a result, you end up launching your experiment and personalization campaigns in a hurry. You want to make sure you are the first to introduce an innovative feature, you need to quickly catch up with a changing customer need, or you just found out that you lost some market share… Yes, we heard them all.


Launching an optimization campaign without running a proper quality assurance may cost you a lot of money! 💸

You might have thought of a perfect design on the product detail page, but the add to cart button simply isn’t working. Or you have launched your experiment, didn’t realize at first, but some critical data is not collected. It completely invalidates your results and makes you start your campaign right from the beginning.

Performing experimentation without a QA process represents too much risk for your business to take. Just think of quality assurance as preventive medicine for uncomfortable bugs that can destroy your performance. 💊


A website quality assurance doesn’t slow you down. On the contrary, a well-defined QA process enables your experiments to get through the production cycle as quickly, smoothly, and efficiently as possible. 🚀

If you haven’t done that yet, now is the time. Having an established checklist to go through while performing the quality assurance will definitely ensure both a functional and delightful experience for your users.


QA is the last critical and decisive step in every campaign creation workflow. There are 3 main validations to execute before launching your campaigns live:


  1. Make sure that all modifications are displayed correctly, on the targeted pages and for the targeted audience ✅; 
  2. Validate that tracking works well to guarantee that all the necessary data is collected to be able to make well-informed decisions ;
  3. Double-check to make sure your experiment and personalization campaigns don’t have a negative impact on any core functionalities of your website (add to basket, payment, etc). It is crucial to obtain peace of mind and avoid costly modifications or lasting bad impressions on your users once your campaign is up and running .


Quality assurance may reveal very technical, complex, and time-consuming.

It means that you haven’t used our brand new QA Assistant yet! 🎁🎉🎉 It has been designed to guide you step by step and facilitate the QA. We have worked hard to put everything you need in one place and turn it into an intuitive, collaborative and efficient process.


The last step before launch

Don’t get us wrong here. We are miles away from adding unnecessary actions to an already fulfilled optimization workflow. Indeed, we created a dedicated step for QA in the campaign creation workflow to make sure you don’t forget to complete it before going live with your experiment and personalization campaigns. Soft launches should be considered and performed for each and every campaign that you want to run. It consists of launching the designed campaign to your internal stakeholders to make sure that the experience is simply perfect and that all the data is collected.


User-friendly QA Assistant to guide you all the way

The QA Assistant is an application (based on an iframe) that opens as a panel on the bottom of your page and helps you effectively run the quality assurance of your campaigns. It displays the campaigns that are live on the active page, those that are active on the website (other than the page you are viewing) as well as information related to the events configured in the campaign. All that in one place that you can go through step by step.

You can launch it through the campaign creation workflow by clicking on the QA Assistant button, or simply type alt+Q+A (on Windows) or ctr+Q+A (on Mac) while visiting a page on your website.

Enabling QA mode is enough to perfectly see each and every Variation in the QA Assistant. You can use its dropdown menu to navigate easily between Variations. 💪


There are 3 main tabs in QA Assistant: campaigns, events, and transactions.

The campaigns tab is divided into two different sections:

  • The top section displays all campaigns that are live on the active page, that is to say, the campaigns you are assigned to.
  • The bottom section displays all campaigns that are currently live on your website, whether you are assigned to them or not.

This tab will help you to see if the variations display correctly, but also to see if you meet the targeting criteria, and if not – why.


Simple and quick action and transaction tracking verification

You can find both action and transaction tracking in their respective tabs. You just need to perform the configured action to be able to visualize if the necessary data is collected properly. After having performed all the actions, they will appear in their associated tab and you will be able to click on them to see for example which elements have been click tracked. Going through those tabs will help you make sure that all the necessary data is collected for your campaigns.

Optimized QA for Multipage Tests and Personalizations

Multipage tests and Personalizations QA can be a nightmare to perform a QA. The more pages you have set up, the more challenging it can be to go through all of them.

We thought about that too! With the QA Assistant, you can simply enable the QA parameters once for the whole campaign, and you will be able to see all the Pages concerned by your Experiment or Personalization. Each Page will appear in a separate row, making it extremely easy to verify if the set up was successful.


QA status added to the Campaigns’ dashboard

In order to make it visually appealing and facilitate the differentiation of campaigns that are currently in QA, we added this status to the dashboard. Now, at a glance, you can perfectly see which of your campaigns are in QA and need your validation before launching.

So much more to come

Oh boy we are not done yet 😉

This first release of QA Assistant is dedicated to desktop only. Stay tuned, as we are working hard on adding mobile QA as well so that you can perfectly perform the quality assurance for every device.

Don’t let any penny slip away because of some nasty bugs affecting your campaigns. Make sure you have created a standardized QA process and perform it easily using AB Tasty’s QA Assistant! Do you want to see it in action? Have a look at the video below ⏬


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