Improve the Speed of your Web Pages: Launch your Tests without jQuery

AB TastyBlogImprove the Speed of your Web Pages: Launch your Tests without jQuery

Thanks to a recent update in the operating mode of our JavaScript tag, we are thrilled to announce that AB Tasty now can offer the lightest tag on the market. By disabling jQuery, your pages can load 20% faster since the weight of the tag is significantly decreased.

Why remove jQuery and change to a native JavaScript?

Too many tags on your website slow down its speed and performance. By removing jQuery from the tag, and using only native JavaScript, you reduce the size of the tag by half. The result is a faster execution.

Your visitors don’t have to wait as long for pages to load, and your IT team will worry less about the impact of tags on the site performance.

What is jQuery?
jQuery is a JavaScript library. It’s an option that you can use to write the custom code in your campaigns. However, it will make your campaigns a lot heavier.

Boost page performance, get happier visitors

  • Improve loading time and execute 20% faster with a native JS tag
  • Update and benefit from the lightest native tag on the market
  • Reduce the size of the tag by 50% — gain 30ko

Easy to apply

Anyone who has the latest version of AB Tasty can disable jQuery. Go to Settings > Framework > Disable the loading of any jQuery libraries.

Don’t forget to communicate with your tech team and make sure you’re not running jQuery in the custom scripts and global code.

We recommend you use native JavaScript, but if you need jQuery, you can still keep it!

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