Unpacking Personalization: An Infographic for CX Enthusiasts

Product recommendations. Customization. One-to-One Marketing … you’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz like this – all surrounding the notion of ‘Personalization’. For Customer Experience specialists, personalization – whether it be website personalization, in-store personalization or product personalization – has been touted as THE answer to higher conversion rates, engagement and sales.

For those of us visual learners, we decided at AB Tasty to break down this far-reaching trend of ‘Personalization’ in our latest infographic, ‘Unpacking Personalization’:

Personalization Infographic

So, You Want To Learn More About Personalization?

There you have it – a bird’s-eye view in numbers of why CX specialists are opting for personalization techniques, what this truly implies, and the benefits.  Want to learn more? Here’s some further reading:

A/B Testing + Personalization

Did you know that, in many ways, A/B Testing and website Personalization are a match made in heaven? Our ebook ‘Perfecting Personalization’ explains it all.

Personalization from a UX perspective

Our interview with two of AB Tasty’s UX designers sheds light on how to understand and improve website personalization techniques from a user experience perspective. Read here.

Customization vs Personalization

Still unsure of the difference between customization and personalization? We’ve got two great reads to help you out – one focusing on why Millennials are a perfect fit for both, and the other opening up a wider discussion of the two techniques.

Expert Insights

At our last London event, CRO on Tap, three Conversion Rate Optimization experts shared their top tips about putting in place a personalization strategy. Get the low-down.

Limits of Personalization

It would be too good to be true if there weren’t a few caveats regarding personalization – and most have to do with privacy and data security. Check out Mailjet’s tips for GDPR compliance when it comes to email and website personalization, as well as a guide to making sure your personalization campaigns never get too creepy.


Robin Nichols

Robin is a Content Marketing Manager at AB Tasty. Interested in the crossroads of technology and culture, her aim is to produce practical, on point content to help marketers of all stripes improve their conversion rates.

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