From Visual Editor to Code Editor: One Size Does Not Fit All When it Comes to Experimentation and Personalization

AB TastyBlogProduct UpdatesFrom Visual Editor to Code Editor: One Size Does Not Fit All When it Comes to Experimentation and Personalization

AB Tasty offers you the levers to quickly and easily build campaigns with a low-code platform and no-code features but empowers you with the code editor when you want to go further and build more complex campaigns.

Code Editor

Saas solutions are often designed to be used by the greatest number, their use must be simple and their platform intuitive. Indeed, the targeted users are often marketing teams or product teams more or less technically advanced. The objective is to offer a solution where users do not need to know how to code in order to use it. This is called “low code / no code”. 

All “low code / no code” tools are based on the same principles, but what will make a tool fit one user profile rather than another is the compromise that will have been made by the designers of the platform between fine control of the application and ease of use. This choice is structural and partly explains the high number of codeless or low-code solutions on the market: there are solutions adapted to different uses.

Low code software

Thus, we differentiate “low code” software that can be fully customized with a “low” (minimal) amount of programming. Instead of taking weeks or months to develop a custom application, it can be done in hours or days. Although “low code” software still requires coding by someone who knows programming, it is faster and cheaper because it does not require the intervention of developers who can remain focused on managing roadmap topics.

This is how our visual editor is designed as most of its features are accessible through a drag and drop mechanism, but we gave the possibility to inject custom css or Javascript within.

“No code” features or software, on the other hand, take the concept of “low code” to another level, allowing anyone to adapt an application to their needs without any programming knowledge. Pipedrive and AirTable are examples of “low code” platforms.

Our widget library, for example, is a no-code feature because it allows marketing teams to quickly and easily add amazing experiences to their campaigns with ready-to-use templates that require no technical knowledge such as pop-ins, banners, countdown, social proof, progress bar…. 

However we know that brands when they grow in maturity start to desire more advanced and complex campaigns and might find our visual editor limited. They will then allocate technically advanced users that will prefer to work with code rather than using a visual editor to set up their personalization and experimentation campaigns. 

That’s why we decided to offer a code editor in addition to our visual editor. Thanks to these two editors, we are able to offer a solution adapted to all our users, whatever their level of maturity. From technically non-advanced users who will appreciate seeing their modifications in real time via the visual editor, while giving them the possibility to inject custom code from time to time, to technically advanced users who are looking to save time by quickly making changes to their variations to modify the layout, appearance and content of their pages by writing or importing their code in Javascript or CSS without being limited by the visual editor. Of course, it is possible, throughout the campaign, to switch from one editor to another and see the changes made in any of the editors because our platform is built in a flexible way.

At AB Tasty we support a wide spectrum of the market from size to sophistication. As the market evolves, so does AB Tasty and in addition to offering a standalone code editor to compliment our visual editor, Flagship is available to support that next evolution. Flagship is our API based product for experimenting and personalizing that also offers feature management capabilities. Flagship, like AB Tasty client-side, is designed to have low code integration and provide features adapted to each level of maturity of our customers. 

Our code editor is available for all our clients. If you are interested in our products you can ask for a demo.

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