Interview With WiderFunnel's Chris Goward

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Goward, founder of the well-known optimization and growth marketing agency WiderFunnel, to ask him our burning CRO questions about:

  • Experimentation
  • CRO process
  • 'Optimization Unicorns'
  • Emotion in CRO
  • Psychology



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Do today’s companies know how to experiment?

Chris: I think companies today know they need to be experimenting, they know they have to have either conversion optimization or growth marketing or growth hacking or whatever they want to call it - companies are doing it, but they don’t know how very well now. How do I create a great process, a great culture, a great methodology, and have great ideas to actually test.

What does good CRO process look like?

Chris: Process is important to create guide posts so that organizations can work together. A process has to be designed so that it has enough flexibility so that creativity can still happen.

Can one person be good at all aspects of CRO?

Chris: It is possible to find the unique, rare people, I call them optimization unicorns, who have this ability to hold these two opposing mindsets, this creative, inspiration driven, and the data-driven mindset, all at once, and be able to switch between the two of them. It’s very rare to find one person that can do that, if you do, hold on to them, tightly.

What’s the role of emotion in CRO?

Chris: Emotional drivers are where people make decisions. People make the purchase decision emotionally, and they defend the purchase rationally.You have to provide both the emotion that drives them to act, and the data and facts to help them support it and rationalize it later.

Should CRO experts know the basics of psychology?

Chris: Every CRO expert today needs to understand consumer psychology, behavioral economics, persuasion marketing, neuromarketing, whatever you want to call it, there are all kinds of different fields and splinters that are having so much investment right now and research. There’s amazing opportunities there to use that for marketing and to ethically understand how to move people along the purchase funnel, so we do a lot of experimentation in that area, it’s one of our biggest growth areas, for sure.