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Sorry, but most testing tools are out of date...

Most testing solutions take a frequentist approach to significance testing, which is adapted to agriculture or pharmaceuticals but not well-suited to the constantly changing online world. Statistical constraints related to the frequentist approach, such as test duration or sample size, are often ignored which leads to irrelevant decisions


Introducing Clever Stats

As opposed to other testing solutions, AB Tasty has adopted the Bayesian statistics. Our brand new algorithm Clever Stats can therefore display actionable results in real time and allows you to make statistically relevant decisions even while tests are still running and removes constraints related to frequentist statistics

Maximise conversions with Dynamic Traffic Allocation

On top of speeding up the decision-making process, AB Tasty can now automatically divert more visitors to better performing variations mid-test, improving conversions and reducing testing costs


And it’s all thanks to one man

British mathematician Thomas Bayes (1702-1761) is the man behind the Bayes Theorem, an important law of probability which we use as a basis for our algorithm. The Bayesian approach to statistics is therefore not new, and has always countered the frequentist approach usually used in significance testing

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