Digital Summit 2021

The Future of Experience Optimization

Check out what AB Tasty and our seasoned solutions partners, e-dialog, Konversionskraft, Looptimize, OMR, and Online Dialogue shared around their digital expertise during these sessions dedicated to experience optimization.

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The future of experience optimization is now!

The world has changed and greatly accelerated the use and adoption of the digital channel as a way of life. This radical change has also accelerated the demand for more immersive and personalized experiences, which customers now demand and expect.

Brands that prioritize meeting and exceeding these expectations will be the big winners.

During this virtual event, our speakers explored the themes of personalization, experimentation, data, AI, and how they will shape digital experiences over the coming year. We also looked at tactics for implementing effective, personalized, and differentiated digital experiences.


The event was divided into 5 sessions. Interested in watching multiple sessions? Register for each session you’d like to watch below.

Session 1

2021 Marketing Trends and How They'll Impact the Customer Experience

With 2020 firmly behind us, we’ll look to the future and the opportunities of 2021. In this session, Hanneke Verhoef, Partnerships Manager DACH & Benelux at AB Tasty, will give a brief welcome note, followed by guest speaker Martin Gardt, Editor at OMR.

OMR is always on the lookout for the hidden strategies that deliver real marketing results and yet are doable for everyone. Martin Gardt will show the hottest current marketing trends, and how you can incorporate them into your customer experience strategy. We’ll end with a live Q&A. This session takes place in German.

Hanneke Verhoef

Partnerships Manager DACH & Benelux

Session 2

Personalized User Experiences: How to Implement Successful Individualization with Data and AI

Today’s users expect a personalized approach – but what’s the best way to implement this? In this session, experts from e-dialog will demonstrate how to find relevant audiences and create personalizations for these segments. We’ll also look at 1:1 personalization using machine learning and algorithms. This session takes place in German.

Sophie Kubec

Head of Conversion Optimization & UX

Lasse Hoffmann

Head of Digital Analytics & Data Activation

Session 3

The Secret of Sustainable Growth - Understanding the Customer's Motivations with Behavioral Science

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, many people think primarily of A/B testing, Google Analytics and quick wins. However, if you want to achieve sustainable growth, you need to understand the motivations and needs of your customers. In this talk, André Morys reveals why CRO is misunderstood, how you can increase your customers’ motivation to buy with proven neuromarketing methods, and the 10 best experiments from over 20 years of experimentation experience. This session takes place in German.

André Morys

Founder & CEO

Session 4

A/Beer Before Wine, You Will Personally Be Fine. Mixing A/B Tests with Personalisation in 2021

At some point in the progress of your conversion programme, you’ve surely come across personalisation. But how are you going to incorporate it? Are they two separate programmes that can’t go hand in hand or do they reinforce each other?

Just like drinking wine and beer, the order has an impact. In the end, they’re both alcoholic drinks but mixing them wrong can leave you with a foul hangover. What do you need to do to incorporate both in your CRO roadmap to get the most out of it? Listen to this talk to find out more.

Desiree van der Horst

Conversion Manager

Session 5

Momentum in Customer Journeys: How Friction Can Harm Experiences

Momentum plays a key role in the path towards success in most areas of our lives. It’s no different in online experiences — people only convert if your website allows for a certain pace to be kept during the navigation. This talk explains how friction barriers slow visitors in their tracks, including solutions and examples to help you create experiences capable of achieving, preserving and boosting momentum for visitors and customers alike. This session takes place in English.

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