AB Tasty Engage

Boost user engagement and conversion rates

Segment your audiences in real-time

AB Tasty Engage monitors visitor intent and segments audiences in real-time. To target segments, we rely on information such as browsing behaviour, visitor history, first-party data (eg.: CRM data) or third-party data (DMP user profiles)

AB Tasty Engage Messaging

Display relevant content

Select templates from our ready-to-use widget library. You'll find popins, forms, countdown banners, and lots more to make your site perform better faster

See the impact

AB Tasty provides detailed data on content consumption, sign-ups and conversions. If necessary, you can run A/B tests to identify the best performing content

A/B Testing Reporting

With two clicks, you can...

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Increase retention

Trigger promotional content and offers to visitors about to leave your website. Reduce cart abandonment and increase your conversion rates!

Collect Email

Collect emails and leads

Grow your CRM database by displaying sign-up forms at the right moment in time, without interfering with the user experience.

Promote New Content

Promote new content

Alert your audiences about new product lines or time-framed offers. AB Tasty helps you bypass slow release cycles and implement changes swiftly

Incentive Users to Act Quickly

Prompt urgency and scarcity

Display countdown banners, number of current viewers or stock levels. This is a powerful method to encourage users to act quickly.

User Retention

Boost loyalty

Loyalty is an effective way of increasing customer retention and improving profitability. Make them feel special with special offers!

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