Make experience optimization secure and scalable

From governance to partnerships to our compliance frameworks, AB Tasty works on several levels to ensure our experience optimization platform is viable for the modern, data-rich enterprise.


We recently revamped our entire data collection architecture. Named Universal Collect, our new system collects over 250 dimensions and metrics and is powered by the Google Cloud Platform. The web analytics we collect power everything from personalization to your one-off analyses.


Manage your users centrally, with three levels of access. Control who sees what feature, and who has access to view active campaigns.

What’s more, you can monitor everything from mobile. Play and pause tests, or empty the framework for total access on-the-go.

Data Security & Compliance

AB Tasty is no stranger to the intricacies—and precedent—set by GDPR. As we move into the age of CCPA, we’re more prepared than any comparable company to navigate the challenging terrain that results from respecting data security and privacy of both our clients and their visitors. For more on AB Tasty’s view on GDPR, read our official documentation.

Data extensibility

As the data age matures, companies need ways to integrate all their disparate data and analyze it in one place.

Though you can access in-depth reporting in the platform, AB Tasty understands the need for data extensbility which is why we built Data Explorer and our Public API.

Experience optimization resources

Everything you need to know about experimentation, personalization and feature management across your websites, apps, and devices.