Optimization from AI to UI

When it comes to digital experience optimization, experimentation is the tip of the iceberg. AB Tasty is constantly innovating to make strides in the software that powers our platform—from our data science models to machine learning powered widgets.

Auto-optimization is here

What’s faster than running an A/B test? Running a dozen tests—automatically. Our auto-optimization feature does just that, by replacing and iterating on losing tests of a certain asset type. 

Intelligent allocation

If you want to test quickly while maximizing positive impact, leverage our dynamic allocation to funnel increasingly more traffic to your winning variation of a test.

Practical statistics

Traditionally, digital experimentation relied on the expertise of statisticians and programmers. Now there’s software for that. Our data science team is constantly revising our statistical models, introducing easy-to-understand metrics like Gain Probability layered on top of our tried-and-true bayesian model, and of course, your raw data.

Grow faster with AB Tasty