Want to see Flagship in action?

Manage your features with feature flagging and progressive rollouts on apps, software and devices.
Create a growth strategy centered on maximizing value for your customer segments while reducing risk.

Feature flagging

Managing feature flags on complex and multiple environments can get tricky. With Flagship, organize your flags in any way and create any flag type: Boolean, true/false, number or string. Quickly see which segments are exposed to what flags, and their corresponding results. Scale at the pace of your ambition.

Progressive deployment and KPI triggered rollback

Set deployment intervals to automatically rollout your features over time, and monitor their reception with associated KPI's. Hit a snag? Deployment automatically rolls back when KPIs dip below a certain threshold. Minimize risk - and headaches - for your team.

Server side experimentation & personalization​

Target specific audiences using personas, create an unlimited number of scenarios using any combination of segment criteria, and rollout or personalize feature experiences.​


Flagship accommodates the most common programming languages and frameworks.
It also enables a bucketing or API approach.

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