Feature control at the flip of a switch

Our targeted feature flags let you separate feature releases from code deployments, and see measurable results in every optimization you make.

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Discover Flagship by AB Tasty – our standalone platform designed for product teams and developers to manage, optimize and experiment with their features while minimizing the risk of a negative user experience. 

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Stay agile throughout growth

Streamline project management of tests, flags, and targeted rollouts. From our use case library to easy experimentation, Flagship enables agile teams and works even better on large-scale projects.

Keep what works, kill what doesn't

Our easy-to-use feature flags let you toggle features on and off based on the performance of whatever core KPIs you set.

When it comes to the demands of modern tech teams, continuous deployment is almost a silver bullet.

Let the data drive

AB Tasty reports on your custom goals in real-time, and displays confidence levels to help you make data-driven decisions, fast. For quick time-to-value, our dynamic allocation option helps automate the testing process to find winning variations quicker than ever.

Put the strain on software, not people

Put the strain on software, not people when it comes to rolling back features and when you have to make the decision to deploy quickly.

Flagship is designed to handle the logistics of continuous deployment, and was built around the workflows of modern development teams to reach continuous deployment faster.

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