AB Tasty Guest Blog Post Guidelines

We're happy to accept quality guest posts to our blog. Please follow the guidelines below.

Our audience

AB Tasty is a complete tool for website and conversion rate optimization, personalization, user engagement, and A/B and MVT testing. As such, our blog is geared towards providing practical and/or thought-provoking content to marketers, UX designers, ecommerce professionals, or anyone interested in conversion rate optimization. We welcome quality guest blog posts that will help us educate and entertain our readership 🙂

Your article should be written with these profiles in mind. Make sure to explore the blog to get an idea of the kinds of topics we cover in our sections: A/B Testing, Conversion Optimization, Personalization, User Experience, and eCommerce.

Acceptable topics

Guest post topics have included:

  • The Science Behind Purchasing Anxiety
  • Consent In Website And Email Personalization: How To Do It Right
  • Colors and Fonts: What Drives Conversions

Our advice? Play to your strengths and share your expertise! The golden rule of writing is to write what you know - so if you work for an emailing software, why not write about how to A/B test email subject lines? Don’t be afraid to be creative - as long as there’s a tangible link to CRO in one way or another, and you think the article will interest the readership outlined above, we’ll give it a shot.

That having been said, please do avoid the overly self-promotional article submission. We’re happy to include a few well-placed backlinks, but if the writing positively oozes self-aggrandizement, there’s a good chance we’ll ask you to rework it.

SEO, backlinks, and editorial guidelines, oh my!

Length: Minimum 1,000 words.  

Links: While we’re happy to accept a few well-chosen backlinks, please make sure all links add value to the article and lead back to quality sources.

Images and citations: Visual content is engaging content! Please make sure to add enough images (while avoiding stock photos) to make sure your content stays dynamic. For very long form content, make sure to keep it engaging with appropriate formatting (tweet quotes, images, charts or graphs…)

When inserting an image or graphic, please provide the source (url) of the image, as seen below:

Pew Research Seven Algorithm Issues

Source: Pew Research Center

When citing figures, quotations, facts or studies, please reference them by providing a backlink or referring to the original source in the text itself. For example:

A little over two years ago, Jarno M. Koponen, a writer for TechCrunch, made the following observation:

“Personalization’s image of us is like looking at yourself in the fun fair’s house of mirrors. Personalization caricaturizes us and creates a striking gap between our real interests and their digital reflection.”

SEO: Please provide Alt text for images. You may also submit an SEO title and meta description for your article. For SEO purposes, please select a main keyword for your article that can be included in the SEO title, meta description and H1. We use do-follow links.

We prefer American English for spelling.  For any grammar or style questions, Grammar Girl and the Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide are great, free resources.

Next steps

To make sure we’re all on the same page, please pitch us a few ideas for your guest post: working title, suggested SEO keyword, as well as a rough outline and idea of word count. You can send these to guestpost@abtasty.com.

If there’s a fit, we’ll ask you to send a final article (along with any visuals and a short bio and photo of the author). If possible, please submit the article using Google Docs, giving us FULL editing access. Make sure to include any desired formatting (bolded or italicized words, bullet points, etc.)

We will respect the integrity of the writing, but at this stage we might also make some suggestions or give feedback if we feel it’s necessary. Likewise, we may add a few links to the article to other content already on the blog - but rest assured, we will keep your original backlinks intact!

Finally, we’ll let you know when we plan to publish your article (probably within a few weeks), and provide the appropriate promotion.