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Infrastructure - Performance - Security


80 ms

Average response time


1 million

Queries responded to per sec.


17 To

Stored in the last 30 days



Infrastructure availability

Geolocation and Performance

  • Powerful geographic coverage allowing your visitors to download the AB Tasty script on the server closest to them.

  • CDN network 100% managed by AB Tasty, dedicated to France and neighboring regions, that makes 2 Terabytes of data available to most of our clients each day (remember, an AB Tasty script weighs on average 50 ko!)

  • Exceptional CloudFlare network to serve your visitors in Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Africa!

  • Specific network at your disposal so that your visitors connecting from China can quickly access your optimization campaigns directly from a national network.


Guaranteed Availability

  • A measuring probe every 10 queries, response times for each server in each geographic zone. An intelligent monitoring tool dispatches many thousands of queries per second towards the highest performing servers for each internet user.

  • This Smart DNS Routing allows for the optimization of response times, the offloading of servers processing too many queries, and a guaranteed response time, no matter what happens.

  • In case there’s an incident or an abnormally long response time, a third CDN network kicks in to help compensate or take over: CloudFront.

  • For our load-balancing needs, we benefit from the experience and the excellence of the solution Cedexis, a leading solution in terms of performance and IT security.

Optimal Response Times

  • Each millisecond counts when you call a script from your pages, and this can impact the user experience. With AB Tasty, the flickering effect doesn’t exist. Because of this - and this is our strong point - we can concentrate all our energy on reducing pre-download flickering, by optimizing loading times.

  • Optimized DNS resolution time with the use of Cedexis

  • The time taken to first access the server (Time To First Byte, or TTFB) is optimized and reduced to a strict minimum by using a powerful multi-CDN network and effective technologies, such as CloudFlare Argo.

  • Reduction of the script’s recuperation time, which is almost instantaneous by using technologies that are always ahead of their time, like the caching system Varnish.

  • A script that weighs the bare minimum: coded natively in modular JavaScript, it only contains the code necessary for the correct functioning of current campaigns. With an average weight of 50 ko, it only takes a fraction of a second to be charged with a typical ADSL connection.


Data Protection

  • The security of your data is just as important to us as our availability and the performance of your website. This is why we’ve adopted a policy of total transparence regarding these issues.

  • In accordance with the GDPR, we are going to nominate a Digital Privacy Officer (DPO) and create a data treatment register. In addition, we’re continually improving our security systems in order to stay up to date regarding potential failures and to guarantee the security and integrity of your data.

  • AB Tasty does not collect, treat or store any personal data outside of the IP address, which is collected and treated for geolocation purposes, but never stored.

  • In terms of non-personal data, we pledge to only collect the data that is strictly necessary for our operations, i.e. attendance statistics, used to establish performance reports and personalize the user experience.

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