The secret to improving
your users' experience

Start by taking account of what they have to say

Become user-focused
with Net Promoter Score

Gauge your brand’s growth potential and customer retention with AB Tasty’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey. The NPS tool is easily implemented as part of the AB Tasty Suite and allows customers to rate their experience with your website in real time.

Net Promoter Score

Monitor user satisfaction levels

Regularly monitoring your NPS score is critical to building value between you and your customer and understanding how your brand is perceived in the marketplace.
Measuring your score can determine the effectiveness of your strategy, your engagement with your target audience, and the effectiveness of your landing pages and products.

Measuring is good,
but acting is better!

Regularly receiving valuable feedback from the people using your website allows you to optimize your message, or strategy, based on real time data. Improve your score and reach your business goals in a faster, smarter way by implementing the changes as they’re needed.

Feedback Net Promoter Score

Adapt the survey to your needs

Personalize the questions and define the survey launch criteria, by selecting which pages show the survey and how often the survey is shown, to match your business needs. Refine your feedback by limiting the survey to a particular service, product, or feature, and tailor the question to retrieve only the data you need - saving you time to focus on solutions.

Net Promoter Score FAQ

NPS does not measure user satisfaction with respect to a particular event or a specific interaction but instead in terms of overall satisfaction with the brand. By doing so, it enables long-term growth potential to be measured in terms of a brand's capacity to retain its customers and generate positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

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