The secret to improving your users' experience

Start by taking account of what they have to say
Net Promoter Score
Become user-focused with Net Promoter Score

Gauge your brand’s growth potential and customer’s experience with AB Tasty’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey. The NPS widget can be easily implemented as part of the AB Tasty platform and allows customers to rate their experience with your website in real time.

Monitor user satisfaction levels

Regularly monitoring your NPS score is critical to building value between you and your customers. Our NPS reports highlight the Detractors, Passives and Promoters for each campaign variation so you can understand how your brand is perceived in the marketplace.

Feedback Net Promoter Score
Measuring is good, but acting is better!

Measuring your score can determine the effectiveness of your products and your engagement with your target audience. However, receiving valuable feedback from the people using your website is key because it allows you to optimize your message or strategy with real time data. Review your score by day and find ways to improve it so that you can reach your business goals in a faster, smarter way.

Adapt to your needs, then filter to what you want

Personalize your survey questions and define your launch criteria by selecting where and how often the survey is shown. When reviewing the results, filter your NPS feedback by keywords, exact variations and date ranges so that you can see exactly what your customers want – helping you truly understand your customers!

Net Promoter Score FAQ

Net Promoter Score, or NPS, measures customer experience and predicts business growth. NPS is considered the gold standard of customer experience metrics. It helps you understand what customers like and how you can improve their experience.

According to Harvard Business Review, NPS is a sure-fire way to learn about your operational vulnerabilities using customer surveys, giving customers to evaluate you at exactly the right moment. It is necessary to review the progression of your NPS score and respond to it proactively. 

NPS is a benchmarking tool that helps you collect feedback from your visitors and customers so you can find out what they like and how to improve their experience. All comments are a useful source of potential improvements that can be used to evaluate your next campaigns. 

NPS is a great and simple way to understand your customer’s level of loyalty and gauge whether customers like your company. 

Over 2/3rd of Fortune 1000 companies now use NPS system to keep track of their customer engagement. 

They are easy to implement and can provide a huge amount of feedback. The feedback can be used in customer testimonials or can be addressed directly.

NPS is made up of one (1) simple question – “How likely are you to recommend company x to a friend or colleague from 0 to 10?” 

The question establishes a correlation between your purchase intentions and the propensity of your users to recommend your brand. 

They are 3 different consumer groups that NPS respondents have been grouped into

    • Detractors (those who score between 0 and 6) are the least satisfied and most likely to disencourage friends and acquaintances from using your products or services. 
    • Passives (those who score between 7 and 8) are satisfied, but indifferent and could be tempted by competitor offers. 
    • Promoters (those who score between 9 and 10) are the most likely to share and promote your business amongst their friends and acquaintances. They are your biggest advocates.


AB Tasty’s NPS graph reports includes graphs separating the scores by Detractors, Passives and Promoters.

To calculate the NPS score, you subtract the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters. (% of Promoters – % of Detractors = NPS).

The first NPS survey you create will be a reference for those that come. It is important to track this indicator over time, reviewing any improvements and collecting feedback from visitors and customers so you can improve their future experiences. 


Please Note: 

  • Scores between 0 to 30 are typically good, but there is room for improvement
  • Scores of 30 to 70 are great, which means you have happy customers
  • Scores over 70 means that you are doing excellent!