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Being defined as a Great Place to Work is something all companies dream of. But like any dream, taking the right actions is required to make it happen. 🧚

When AB Tasty was created in December 2009, things were simple: with only a few employees, communication was easy, and the startup challenges glued the team together. But when a company gets bigger, keeping this enthusiastic atmosphere becomes more and more of a challenge.

At AB Tasty, we knew the importance of feeling well at work since day one, and we’ve quickly defined our company’s values to always have something to refer to when we have to make any decision. 

Over the years, we hired many people and we’re proud to have built a diverse team linked by a common criteria: to fit in with our company’s values. 

In 2017, for the first time in AB Tasty’s history, we decided to take part in the Great Place to Work palmares event and thanks to all employees’ trust, kindness and strong relationship with AB Tasty, we directly entered the palmares winning a prize!

The AB Tasty team during the Great Place to Work ceremony in 2017.

What’s amazing when looking at the picture above is that years later, almost all the people on this picture are still working for AB Tasty! 

In 2020, we’ve been nominated as one of the 100 best midsize companies to work for in NYC by BuiltInNYC.

And we also appeared on the Happy@Work index from ChooseMyCompany as Top Startup where employees are the happiest!

The TOP40 HappyAtWork@StartUps highlights companies having obtained the best results on the HappyAtWork repository, on all the data collected by ChooseMyCompany (and not just results of surveys taken over the course of 1 year): it therefore rewards companies that have demonstrated the highest levels of performance in terms of commitment and motivation of their teams during these surveys.

AB Tasty has an innovative policy that favors its teams and adopts working methods that promote communication. Thus, every morning, hi-fives and standups – short standing meetings during which everyone speaks – are organized between departments to disseminate information and encourage communication. 


The management and human resources team are taking numerous initiatives to contribute to the well-being of employees, such as the organization of monthly aperitifs, team building activities, yoga, zumba, pilates and office massage activities, table tennis tournaments, baskets of fresh fruit and unlimited coffee as well as virtual games when people work from home to help them bond and get to know each other!

We try to organize seminars once a year to strengthen ties between the 230 employees to gather our 30 different nationalities and offer everyone the possibility of going to a foreign office once a year. We currently have offices in 6 countries for a total of 10 locations worldwide: Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, London, New York, Cologne, Berlin, Madrid, Singapore and Montreal, but we’ll probably won’t stop there!


We’re really proud of our management team, our company culture and life, and of course of our team members, and we’ll keep working hard to offer all AB Tasty employees a great experience during their journey with us and beyond!

If you think that you’re a good fit with our values and want to experience the AB Tasty journey yourself, you might want to take a look at our available jobs!

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