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AB Tasty Acquires Session Recording Tool Nirror

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Leading A/B testing and user experience provider AB Tasty today announces the acquisition of session recording specialist Nirror. The acquisition strengthens and extends the INSIGHT panel of its testing and personalization platform and underpins AB Tasty’s position as a market leader.

Most complete offer for tracking visitor journeys

Meeting mature clients’ need for improved ways of detecting best hypothesis and testing segments, the new session recording feature completes and enriches the set of insight tools readily available in the tool, such as heat maps. Marketers can consequently focus their effort on worthy hypothesis and optimize the return on investment of the testing platform.

Nirror is a platform that video-records customer journeys to better understand how visitors browse the website. Interactions with web pages, such as clicks or mouse movements, help identify issues and elements that break the navigation flow. Using Nirror, marketers know precisely where to focus the optimization efforts in order to improve the user experience and increase the site’s overall profitability.

Brand new offer of real-time insights

Taking the guesswork out of customer journeys, marketing teams can now put themselves in the shoes of the visitor making session recording highly complementary to existing web analytics technology, which mostly delivers statistics and figures to be deciphered. Session recording offers qualitative and easily interpretable visual insights. Videos can be seen live or stored for later analysis.

Helping our clients understand better their visitors falls within the Test & Learn approach to conversion rate optimization praised by AB Tasty. The access to qualitative data doesn’t necessarily imply highly technical solutions. AB Tasty stays true to its promise of simplicity, while expanding its solution to cover the whole process of conversion rate optimization. It now enables to identify improvement hypothesis, put them in place and draw accurate conclusions. Technology and ease of use – together to improve conversion rates!”, explains Alix de Sagazan, co-founder at AB Tasty.


“We really appreciate the AB Tasty solution and the way it integrates Nirror as a new brick in the Insight panel. We had great ambition for Nirror and we’re pleased that it joins the AB Tasty ecosystem now. It will benefit from AB Tasty’s expertise and brand image. A bright future is ahead!”, adds Alexia Panhard, co-founder at Nirror.  

About AB Tasty:

Founded by Alix de Sagazan and Rémi Aubert, AB Tasty is a SaaS solution that helps data-driven marketers ease the process of A/B testing, personalization and re-engagement. AB Tasty offers a full range of solutions to boost conversion rates. The software facilitates data-driven decision-making through A/B and multivariate testing, helps to engage users with on-site remarketing, predictive marketing tools, and to personalize web content and user experience. With the sharp rise of m-commerce, AB Tasty is designed to handle cross-device tests (available on websites, mobiles, and applications). Represented by 100 employees across offices in Paris, New York, London, Cologne, Madrid and Sydney, AB Tasty is utilized by more than 350 enterprise clients and to 4 billion visitors worldwide.

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