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AB Tasty for Apps rewarded at the E-Marketing Paris show

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Last night was held the final stretch to the winners of the Venus Innovation trophies at the E-marketing Paris show. After a 2 minute battle between the finalists of each category and intense suspense, it is AB Tasty for App which won the trophy for Mobile & Social Marketing!

The Venus Innovation Trophy

Organized during a big e-marketing and customer relationship event in Paris, the Venus Innovation Awards highlight the products, services or innovative campaigns (BtoB or BtoC) of 6 different categories.

For its first participation, AB Tasty competed in the category Mobile and Social Marketing as AB Tasty for App’s private beta version is being launched. AB Tasty for App is our testing and content personnalisation solution adapted for native mobile applications.

In the form of battles, both finalists in each category came on stage to begin a 2-minute pitch to convince the 11 members of the jury, chaired by Anne-Sophie Frenove Airbnb’s Marketing Director, and composed of digital experts. Rémi Aubert, co-founder of AB Tasty, did not hesitate to take out the boxing gloves to defend our project ? After 4 minutes of pitch for both finalists in the Mobile category, the jury and the public voted and finally rewarded AB Tasty for App. Congratulations to all our teams and especially to our development team for this technological feat!

About AB for Tasty App

AB Tasty extends its expertise to the mobile application ecosystem by providing a similar service that it provides for 4 years on the web and mobile, whether dedicated or responsive sites. AB Tasty for App allows everyone to optimize engagement, retention and conversion rate of its mobile applications by instantly pushing updates without having to go through the validation of app stores, reducing the delay between the initial idea and its dissemination to its entire user base.

AB Tasty for App allows to:

  • Make improvements without touching the code, using a graphical editor where everything that is changed using the mouse is automatically applied to the application.
  • Override the validation of app stores by applying the changes in real time. This also helps to push changes to users without their intervention.
  • Quantify the impact of its changes, in a very fine way for each users’ segmentthanks to A/B testing.
  • Customize your application according to the user profile and send tailored messages.

The mobile was already our most personal device, now our application experience –  which is already in its core – can also be customized with AB Tasty for App!

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