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AB Tasty Launches Nudge Engagement, Driven by Social Proof Messaging

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AB Tasty Launches Nudge Engagement, Driven by Social Proof Messaging for Retail and Media Companies

AB Tasty’s Nudge Engagement provides retail and media brands with an easy-to-use solution to achieve faster return on investment: real-time social proof messaging.

PARIS and NEW YORK – February 20, 2019 –  AB Tasty, Europe’s leading, all-in-one Conversion Rate Optimization platform, is today announcing the release of a new addition to their platform: Nudge Engagement.

The release, which has as its cornerstone two social proof* solutions, designed for online media and retail companies, is a first step towards achieving automated, real-time website personalization capabilities.

“AB Tasty’s social proof solution is intuitive and quick to set up. We’re excited to start using this tried-and-true tactic to see even faster results from our website optimization campaigns,” commented L’Oréal Consumer Products, France.

Social proof and urgency messaging are two marketing notions rooted in consumer psychology that we know work. We’re proud to have leveraged our real-time, universal data collection capabilities to design these industry-specific, personalized and dynamic content delivery solutions. Nudging visitors to buy and consume media in this way is an effective method for our clients to see faster ROI, and an area we will continue to develop as we release more industry-specific templates in the months to come,” commented Jean-Yves Simon, VP Product at AB Tasty.

The solution, which requires no coding or development skills to implement, allows marketers to quickly add customizable and dynamic social proof and urgency messaging to product and media pages. The additional templates available in Nudge Engagement have been designed based on AB Tasty’s experience working with their over 750 enterprise clients over ten years.

“Nudge Engagement – using predefined, industry-specific templates to nudge website visitors into action – is a tactic based on well-known cognitive biases. At our clients’ request, we decided to expand on this notion to direct our product roadmap. Nudge Engagement is our commitment to providing our clients with the means to achieving faster time to ROI by creating contextual, personalized user experiences. Nudging is effective but not overly intrusive, and it respects the user experience while delivering faster business results,” explains Rémi Aubert, AB Tasty’s co-founder.

AB Tasty will continue to develop its all-in-one Conversion Rate Optimization platform in this vein, including functionalities that will make it easier to create more sophisticated, granular website personalization scenarios for website visitors.

*Social Proof: a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a given situation.

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