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An Inspiring Encounter: 2018 AB Tasty Retreat

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Article written by Louis Pons, Optimization Consultant (International) at AB Tasty.

We had the chance, during the annual AB Tasty retreat, to meet a unique person, a star in his chosen field. Rémi Aubert, co-founder of AB Tasty, presented him as a triple European champion, a two-time world champion, and a two-time Olympic champion. With his pedigree announced, Alistair Brownlee modestly took the stage, to a round of applause from the crowded seminar room.

For 45 minutes, Alistair Brownlee shared his story, full to the brim with sport from his earliest age.  He was very young when his life changed after his victory at the 2006 junior world championship, when he decided to concentrate fully on becoming a professional triathlon athlete, leaving his studies behind.

During his fascinating presentation, he shared with us the values that inspire him, and that his passion for sport has helped him develop.  The connection between athleticism and the startup world is a natural one, and it’s easy to see why he sees his triathlon training as being similar to working in a startup.  His staff is comprised of no fewer than 11 people, which has allowed Alistair and his brother, Jonathan Brownlee (also a triathlete) to train at the highest level for over a decade.

Team work, open and honest communication, the habit of establishing ambitious goals with precise milestones – all serve to show the similarities between a professional athlete and AB Tasty. It was enlightening to see how two distinct environments (high level sport vs AB Tasty) that seem so different on the outside can actually have so many things in common.

We all agreed that his presentation was truly inspirational. Alistair Brownlee dedicated 20 years of his life (today he’s 30 years old) pursuing a dream, and becoming (and remaining) number 1 in his sport of choice.  In its own way, AB Tasty has the same goal, to become the undeniable leader in CRO.



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