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Employee of the Month

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Every month, we celebrate the nomination of an AB Tasty employee as the Employee of the Month. 

The purpose of such an event? To nicely highlight a colleague who deserves recognition and to shed some light on their work. 🤗

To find the rare pearl, we invite all employees to vote for a colleague of their choice. They can therefore nominate one team member, explain why they vote for them, and define which of our 5 values this colleague represents the most. 

Once all votes are registered, the Employee Experience & Culture manager takes time to read all votes and details, in order to define the employee who deserves the title. Results are then shared by email or during All Hands (a recurring event that brings together everyone in the company), with short speeches shared by the winner’s teammates explaining why they nominated said colleague, so that people may learn more about the new Employee of the Month. 

🎁 The winner gets a $200 gift card to use on his favorite website or a voucher for 2 people to eat in a 1 star Michelin restaurant of their choosing.

This monthly reward is a nice motivator that encourages our collaborators to keep working hard and live out our values every day. 

Our goal with this initiative is not only to recognize great employees, but also to make them all take part in a global action as this nomination is open to all collaborators from all offices so that they can get to know each other better and understand what winners from different teams or countries do everyday to ensure AB Tasty’s success. 


“It was a lovely surprise being awarded the Employee of the Month award. My inner Dwight Schrute was very pleased! At AB Tasty I get to work with talented, motivated, ambitious and, above all, kind teams every day so it was a real honour to receive this. Thank you!”

Nathalie, Employee of the Month of December 2020


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