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AB Tasty used to be a startup, having been founded in 2009; it has experienced huge hypergrowth over the past 6 years and now has offices in 6 countries around the globe.

During this hyper growth phase, we quickly realized that to keep our amazing startup culture, we needed to put in place several measures to be sure to keep employees at the top of our priorities; because our founders strongly believe that we can evolve at work with passion and enthusiasm, while keeping a good work-life balance.

In the beginning of 2019, we decided to create a dedicated role for employees to take care of their experience and spread our values throughout all of our offices, but also to ensure good internal communication and employee evolution. This role is the Employee Experience & Culture Manager role.


🌼 Bloom at work

In order to come up with ideas for steps to take to ensuring that employees are satisfied, but also to measure this rate of satisfaction, we have implemented an internal tool called Bloom. The concept is simple: every month we send a survey to all employees who can answer each question with a suggested response that is associated with a score from 0 to 10, to which employees can also comment on. All of this is 100% anonymous.

At AB Tasty, we then decided to present the results to all employees every month, explaining to them what the company has put in place to meet their requests. These questions are all based on ten core elements jointly defined by Bloom and AB Tasty so that they relate to topics important to the development of employees but also to our corporate values:

  • Work space and working conditions
  • Team spirit
  • Relationship with manager
  • Recognition and Sense of value
  • Training & Development
  • Pride in belonging
  • Enthusiasm & general atmosphere 
  • Meaning, purpose and Client satisfaction
  • Agility & Innovation
  • Feedback, listening and Kindness



💪 What has changed thanks to Bloom

Ever since we’ve started to use this employee happiness monitoring tool, we have been able to set up a large number of things such as: improving our onboarding and training processes for new employees, internal activities to foster team spirit, developing internal communications to ensure that each employee has access to the same information no matter where they are, setting up a mental health program, etc. 

For instance, several employees shared the desire to get a better view on the company’s results for better transparency within the establishment. A few days only after this feedback, we added a new channel on our Slack account, open to all employees, on which we share our main KPIs results (revenue, churn rate, leads, etc.) daily. 

During 2020, we also received a lot of comments related to the Covid19 situation and its impact on employees’ moods. We therefore decided to offer half a day to all employees to focus on their mental health

Bloom-at-Work also allows us to spot when and where there are internal issues that need to be resolved quickly because the anonymity guaranteed by the tool allows employees to easily share their feelings without fear of being judged by their peers.


At AB Tasty we truly believe that employees’ voice matters and can help us develop new ideas to make it an even better place to work. 

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