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Mental health matters

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Our mental health is just like our physical health: it can break down, and we need to take care of it.

We all deserve to feel safe and supported in our personal life as well as work life. 

Over the past years, at AB Tasty we realized how important it is for everyone to take care of their mental health because the brain is like any other organ: it can fall sick, and sometimes needs healing. Our goal is to provide support to our people for prevention as well as healing during challenging times.  

🧘‍♀️ Mental health break

We asked our People team to work on a dedicated program for our employees to enjoy half a day dedicated to their well being given all of the new challenges we’ve faced in 2020

This is only a first step of a long-term program we intend to offer to all AB Tastiers. AB Tasty has offices over 6 countries, and all of our employees are going through the Covid19 crisis differently. Despite the differences, everyone deserves time to focus on their mental health.

Our half-day break was held on November 19th-20th. Two days for half a day? Yes, because with offices in several time zones, we had to adapt so Europe and the US enjoyed their break on the same day, and APAC on the day after (such an organization requires #agility!).

With the help from CYD (a French company specialized in wellbeing), we developed a program to give our employees tools to aim in their mental wellness journey

  • A keynote session, “How to have a positive mindset”, held by Holly Niemela, psycho-body therapist and yoga and meditation teacher (one of the 100 world teachers of the Search Inside Yourself program developed by Google). Holly taught us that it’s important to listen to our needs and how to take time for ourselves to breath and refocus.
  • After the first session,Tommy Margat (hypnotherapist and teacher in meditation) guided us through a Meditation journey. He taught us about the concept of meditation and gave us great advice to help us calm our brain.
  • The remainder of the day we invited our employees to focus on what brings them joy. The activity didn’t matter as long as it was meaningful for the person!


We created a dedicated Slack channel on which AB Tastiers shared a glimpse of their afternoon activities: walking in nature, cycling, running, reading, painting or even playing piano. Most of them found a way to disconnect from work and reconnect with themselves. 


We know that mental health issues can’t be dealt with within a single break, and we know also that we need to focus on prevention as much as healing.

This is just the beginning of the wellness program at AB Tasty and we are looking forward to continuing to offer other meaningful support programs and resources to our team while we ride through this wonderful journey of growth. 



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