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Our Tech Office in Montreal

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AB Tasty was created in 2009 and our little startup has quickly grown over the years

We’ve hired many talented people that we believe are the main strength of AB Tasty. We also believe in our product and that’s why we have opened several offices over the years, to continue our growth in several markets.

We also think that diversity is a strength and that our various offices give us the opportunity to hire new profiles that will help us grow and will be positive additions to our company culture.

At AB Tasty, we believe in our employees’ talent and we like to find solutions that combine our team spirit and business interests.


During the 2020 year, some of our employees based in Paris shared their interest in leaving France to move to Canada. We couldn’t help but notice that this same goal, shared by employees who proved their worth over the years, was linked to a business strategy we had in mind: opening an office in a new region where we could easily find new talents to hire, and in the meantime work within AB Tasty with employees we trust. 

After months of market analysis, checking local laws and phone calls with lawyers, we are really proud to announce that the opening of our new office in Montreal is getting real!  

Three members of our tech team are the pioneers in this adventure and plan their move to Canada in 2021.

Thanks to this new office, we are now able to look for new candidates to grow our tech team who would benefit from having an office but this great news allows us also to have a technical backup working on the in a North American time zone, in order to keep providing a great support to our customers all over the world. 

This being said, are you a tech wiz looking to join an amazing team in Montreal? Check out our job offers page and let us know!


This dream is coming true thanks to a team effort! Canada, here we come and we can’t wait to start this great adventure with you!


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