August 14, 2018

Publishing Guest Posts on AB Tasty’s Blog

As our blog develops, we receive more and more requests from companies seeking to share content to get people talking about them and obviously improve their SEO by creating a valuable backlink. Like everybody, we’re happy to publish a quality blog post and are happy to help improve the standing of a partner company.

A win-win relationship

AB Tasty’s blog already benefits from a strong reputation when it comes to conversion optimization. AB Tasty boasts 14k followers on Twitter. We also publish blog posts on the newsletter for leads and customers. Publishing a post on our blog gives you substantial and effective visibility.

Obviously, we benefit from guest posts that also interest our readers. This diversifies our sources and content, brings different points of view, additional expertise and plays a part in our SEO.

Publication requirements

Of course, the chosen subject for a guest post must be consistent with our editorial policy. We mainly deal with conversion rate optimization and user experience by tackling these subjects in an original manner and by dealing with the crux of the problem, just as we did in this post. Another example would be the post entitled “6 tips to build the ultimate mobile checkout and increase your conversion rate” by Paymill. Articles which just touch the surface are often too short and do not bring our visitors any added value and therefore will not be published.

Search engine ranking

Some people are reluctant to guest blog for fear that search engines would decrease their ranking. Often with SEO, it is recommended to not use it in excess just to get more backlinks. Algorithms are made to detect and penalize the ranking of websites trying to trick them. Nevertheless, a moderate use of guest blogging is fine. Posts must be of good quality and the goal must honestly be reader satisfaction and not search engine trickery, as recently mentioned by Matt Cutts in a blog post (Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s Webspam team).

We are interested in your ideas and open to any of your proposals. Drop us an email at marketing [at] to discuss ideas we could address together!