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Up Up and Away

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When we boarded this flight back in 2010, we never could have anticipated the heights we would reach or the wild and crazy adventure that lay ahead.

Our Story

The AB Tasty journey began with one simple conviction.

Back in that day, the market’s focus was almost entirely on acquisition. Companies thought a lot about how they could attract users to their websites. They focused on things like increasing web traffic and improving click through rates. Few companies, however, were thinking about what happened after the user was initially acquired.

We looked at this and thought, what’s the point of spending money on acquisition if you don’t optimize the user journey afterwards, insuring the user converts? We liked the idea that every acquisition and every user should serve a purpose – either as a source of revenue or a source of information.

From here, AB Tasty was born.

All we had at that time was a makeshift office in Paris, a small cockpit of people, and one big idea.

We decided to create an A/B testing tool that would allow marketers to focus on conversion rates – giving them the power to test and personalize the experiences of their users.

Our conviction held true and our tool met the market with success. We managed to on board a few early clients (Etam, Photobox, Bouygues Telecom and Cdiscount, to name a few…) and continued to propel ourselves forward, growing our client list and improving and expanding upon the tool. In May, 2014, we decided to do our first round of funding with Xange and Kima Venture. The outcomes of this round gave our little plane wings and enabled us to expand our team in France and invest in R&D.

In January 2016, after a successful couple of years in France, we decided to raise for a second time, this time with the intention of flying this craft abroad, opening offices across Europe – London, Madrid, and Cologne – and continuing our R&D efforts. Later in 2016 we released a new product – AB Tasty INSIGHT, and acquired a session recording tool called Nirror. The addition of these new features to our platform solidified our positioning as a “complete CRO suite” – a platform that enables marketers to understand the behavior of their users, and act on this insight.

Today, AB Tasty is a leading conversion rate optimization SaaS provider in Europe. It powers enterprise companies around the world to boost online sales by allowing marketers to understand their customers and act on that knowledge By analyzing thousands of customer journeys, marketers can understand their user’s behavior and identify friction points on their websites. With AB Tasty’s advanced personalization and testing technology, clients can create experiments in real-time and suggest different variables, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Fasten your seatbelts 

Today it is with great pleasure that I announce, a new era for AB Tasty is upon us. We have successfully raised $17 million, from Korelya Capital and Partech Ventures, with participation from previous investors Xange Private Equity and Omnes Capital. With these funds we will work hard to become the CRO world leader.

My VC Reza Makekzadeh, General Partner at Partech Ventures, agrees that “The future of marketing will undoubtedly be powered by automated processes that enable brands and marketers to deliver relevant and engaging experiences to customers at scale,” and I couldn’t agree more. I’m confident that AB Tasty is well positioned to lead this new generation of tools for the market.

The distance we’ve traveled…

I’m very proud of all aboard the AB Tasty plane and what we’ve achieved so far. Here’s a glimpse at our latest milestones:

  • +100% growth since 2012
  • 8 billion users tested
  • 6 offices around the world
  • 450 clients in more than 50 countries
  • A team of 120 passionate people

The flight plan

This is only the beginning for AB Tasty. We plan to keep working very hard to innovate and offer our clients the next generation CRO platform.

My colleague and co-pilot of AB Tasty, Rémi Aubert says, “Our vision is to offer our clients a ‘magic bullet’ for website optimization, without the need for human intervention”.

“The AB Tasty tool smartly observes and understands customer journeys in real time, suggests alternative versions and identifies a segment of users to target automatically.”

We have worked on this for a long time and we are confident it’s what the market has been waiting for.

A big thank you!

First of all, a thank you to our clients and partners who have shown confidence in us from the very start, and continue to help us improve our tool, our methodology and ourselves, each day.

A thank you to our investors – Cyril Bertrand and Xavier Brunaud, who put their trust in us from the beginning. And our new investors – Reza Malekzadeh from Partech Venture and Delphine Villuendas and Paul Degueuse from Korelya Capital for their continued enthusiasm about this project. It is important to us to be supported by people who share our vision – not just for the product and market, but also our values. They do just this.

And lastly, a big thank you to our incredible team. They are our wings and they work hard, day in and day out, to build the best platform possible, to make our customers happy and to share the AB Tasty spirit around the world. They are a team of endlessly passionate people who fuel this jet engine forward and love what they do. That shows every single day. Without them our success would never have been possible.

Now onward, to our next destination…

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