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Work From Home Challenge: The Results

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You may recall having recently seen a slew of pictures on social media of AB Tasty employees working from home – some sitting peacefully at a desk in their home office, others getting fresh air outside with a beautiful vista in the background, while others were laying on their beds flawlessly executing a 10-step skincare regimen (who says we can’t multitask, right?).

These pictures were not just for our entertainment – our employees were taking part in our #wfhpicchallenge, in which AB Tasty employees all around the world were incentivized to share a picture of their working from home experience. For each picture shared, AB Tasty pledged to donate 5 euros to help fight the spread of Covid-19.

Exactly one month later, we’re excited to share the results of this initiative. Because of this challenge, AB Tasty was able to raise 1,361 euros. This money will go towards:

  • Sending essential supplies such as personal protective equipment to frontline health workers.
  • Enabling all countries to track and detect the disease by boosting laboratory capacity through training and equipment.
  • Ensuring health workers and communities everywhere have access to the latest science-based information to protect themselves, prevent infection and care for those in need.
  • Accelerating efforts to fast-track the discovery and development of lifesaving vaccines, diagnostics and treatments.


In addition to the charitable aspect of this challenge, we also wanted to showcase that working from home is the best way for us to fight the virus and that we can all still stay connected and have some fun while doing so. We had no doubt that our employees would rise to the challenge, but their creativity and hilarity far exceeded our expectations! Check out some of the other photos:

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