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Follow the sun support
Local teams and dedicated Consultants


A/B Testing
Split Testing
Multivariate Testing
Multi-Armed Bandit Allocation
QA Mode and Preview
Code Editor

Widget Library


Audience Creation and Management
Audience Templates
Campaign Prioritization

Targeting Engine

Browsing Behaviour
Purchase Behaviour
Content Interest
Engagement Level or Likelyhood to Purchase
DMP, CRM, CDP Connectors


Confidence Interval
Transactional Data


Session Recording

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Build campaigns on actionable insights

Successful optimization tests always start with good ideas...and to have good ideas, you first need relevant insights. AB Tasty’s built-in video session recording, heat mapping, NPS and page flow analysis capabilities let you see firsthand how users are experiencing your site. Quickly identify true points of friction and build testing roadmaps that yield superior returns. Can Optimizely do that?

Improve team collaboration

Even the best CRO teams are only human. Without a clear project management system, it can be easy to lose track of who is doing what - at the expense of your campaign’s efficiency. AB Tasty’s integrated, customizable planning system lets you centralize, delegate and streamline testing processes, for near super-human results.

Marketers - not IT - drive campaign implementation

There’s nothing more frustrating for a marketer than having to wait on their tech team to deploy a campaign. However, AB Tasty was designed with real-world, autonomous marketers in mind. Get your hands dirty with our visual editor and library of ready-to-use templates for building sophisticated campaigns - without needing to write a single line of code. Make the best use of your time and focus on discovering what makes your audience tick.

Make fast, data-driven decisions

Reliable data is the backbone of any CRO solution. But not all platforms make that data easy to interpret. AB Tasty relies on Bayesian statistics, a method which makes it crystal clear what the gains of an A/B test will be in real-world conditions. No more guessing or nasty surprises. Plus, you’ll realize right away if a test isn’t working, so you can shift traffic to winning versions or others tests. Keep track of all your results with real-time reports.

Seize every opportunity

Website traffic is a valuable asset. Don’t waste a single visit! AB Tasty’s Dynamic Traffic Allocation feature automatically sends visitors to outperforming variations - as well as diverting traffic from a poor-performing one. Smart reports automatically highlight positive outliers, or segments of visitors that react particularly well to a test. Use these segments to create a personalization campaign for an ultra-relevant web browsing experience.

Expandable consulting services

A good consultant will anticipate a client’s needs, without getting in their way. AB Tasty designed their consulting team to fit their customers: some will work almost autonomously, and others will experience maximum results with a full-service package. Comprehensive onboarding training, continuous consulting services and a two-person team dedicated to your campaigns are just some of the services available to AB Tasty customers. More often than not, two minds are better than one.

All-in-one platform

Juggling a handful of CRO tools inevitably leads to frustration, inefficiencies and muddled data. AB Tasty’s suite of insight, testing and personalization tools - not to mention our ready-to-use marketing campaign templates - means you can design a 360 degree optimization campaign, all within one interface. Unlike other tools, you don’t have to deploy additional resources or rework your current organization. Can Optimizely say the same?

An ever-growing ecosystem

Effective CRO platforms don’t work in a vacuum. That’s why AB Tasty continues to build an ever-growing ecosystem of partners and third-party integrations. Keep working with your preferred web analytics, DMP, CRM, CMS and TMS tools for even more sophisticated campaigns and seamless CRO experiences.