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Looking for an alternative to Kameleoon? Discover how AB Tasty’s scalable experimentation and personalisation platform helps businesses drive more conversions and a faster ROI.

  • Icon Experimentation - Start testing and optimising in seconds. No coding skills or technical expertise required. Capabilities include A/B, split, multivariate, and funnel testing.
  • Icon AI-Powered Personalisation - Use our robust targeting capabilities to serve tests, content and experiences to the right audience, at the right time.
  • Icon Dynamic Widgets - Access our personalisation widget library to nudge visitors into action.
  • icon-analytics-alt Analytics & Insights - Surface endless insights on your users with 200+ website metrics and in-depth behavioral applications.

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What sets up apart from the competition

Client focused
We built a tool for perfecting the customer experience, so it makes sense that our customers are the foundation and the focus of our company.
Enterprise ready
We know you need to move quickly to keep up with customers' expectations. So, we supercharged experimentation and personalisation so that you can keep pace.
Your time is valuable. Let automation do the heavy lifting when it comes to grunt work, so you can focus on your next big idea - and win big.
And because we all like numbers,
here are a few we've gathered from our awesome clients:


conversion rate*


bounce rate*


total revenue*

* Examples are from 3 AB Tasty e-commerce clients

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