Game-changer in CX: Personalization Scenarios with EmotionsAI

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On September 12, join the conversation about our latest addition, EmotionsAI – our new AI-powered segmentation tool.

95% of purchase decisions are driven by emotion and brands have tried to decode customer psychology for years. 

In just 30 seconds, our feature identifies the main emotional need and classifies them into one of ten segments. With more in-depth and accurate segmentation, you’ll find out which personalized variant works best for your top customer segments even quicker than before.

We’ll chat about:

  • How psychology impacts customer journey
  • The tech behind EmotionsAI
  • EmotionsAI’s ROI


  • Liam Teh
    Account Executive
    AB Tasty
  • Benoit Allibe
    Product Management Team Leader EmotionsAI
    AB Tasty
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