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Looking for an alternative to Optimizely? Discover how AB Tasty's scalable experimentation and personalization platform helps businesses drive more conversions and a faster ROI.
AB Tasty is a leader in for Feature Management on G2 Categories:

A/B Testing
Feature Management
E-commerce Personalization
Mobile App Optimization
AB Tasty is a leader in for Mobile App Optimization on G2
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Client and server-side testing
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AB Tasty
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Pioneers in the CXO industry

10 years ago, AB Tasty was born out of the idea that experimentation and personalization should be fast—and simple. Success isn’t spontaneous, it’s built on continuous optimization: the process of trying, failing, refining, and trying again at a faster rate than your competitors.

AB Tasty helps businesses embrace this test and learn mindset and create customer experiences that raise the bar and your ROI.

Top-notch support across the globe

Leverage AB Tasty front-end developers to launch complex campaigns. Let them do the heavy lifting.

Whether you’re new to CXO or already an expert, our CSM team will ensure you get the maximum ROI out of your campaigns.

Advanced workshops and CRO certifications will deepen your skill-set and elevate team performance.

Worldwide Support
Local presence with offices around the globe

Benefit from agency expertise and partner integrations

Easily plug in AB Tasty with your current technology stack and harness the power of your data by using it with AB Tasty to drive a better customer experience.

Benefit from a 360 degree perspective to optimize every facet of your digital strategy thanks to our network of world-class partner agencies that can complement your in house team.

Better experiences with insights

Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes. In-depth user insights let you quickly understand any point of friction on your digital assets, helping you improve the overall customer experience.

Session recording enables you to video record anonymized visitor interaction while  heatmaps let you find out which elements of your site are particularly active.  This feedback shows where there is room for improvement: bugs, friction, navigation, blindness, etc.

Session Recording

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A/B Testing
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Multi-Armed Bandit Allocation
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Audience Creation and Management
Audience Templates
Campaign Prioritization

Targeting Engine

Browsing Behaviour
Purchase Behaviour
Content Interest
Engagement Level or Likelyhood to Purchase
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Confidence Interval
Transactional Data


Session Recording
AB Tasty enables MoneySmart to innovate, fast
Decathlon scores big with social proof
Panasonic reduces costly call volumes with AB Tasty
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