Spring Release 2021


AB Tasty’s culture of experimentation expands with new features for continuous optimization and user experiences — across multiple channels.

Optimization Cycle

As consumer behaviours change, so should your personalization campaigns. From audience segmentation, experimentation operations, adaptations to results monitoring — there’s a plethora of changes that need to be implemented to make the most of your campaigns. Today, we’re introducing the Optimization Cycle to facilitate seamless transitions between a winning variation from an experiment to a personalization and vice versa.

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Experience Continuity

Sometimes, running experiments can unintentionally result in a disjointed experience for end users. We tackled this challenge with our new Experience Continuity feature, which enables a consistent experience for your users before/after logging in or when they are toggling between devices, such as desktop and mobile.

Zapier Integration

With Zapier now fully integrated into Flagship, you can take advantage of the tech stack and easily automate workflows.

Webhook integration

Don’t have Zapier? Our cloud-native architecture also supports webhooks, which will sync with Flagship events and notify stakeholders in real time.

Git integration

The enhanced Git integration will allow you to manage tech debt and reference your codebase and Flagship flags. You can avoid duplicating flags and quickly spot flags that should be removed.

Pageview and screenview

We’ve included a couple of new KPIs to track on a use case: pageview and screenview. Just fill in the name of the KPI and URL or the name of the screen (for mobile).

SDK Java

Good news for Java fans: If you are one of the many working in a Java programming language, you can now benefit from this SDK.

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