Webinar: Pushing the Boundaries of A/B Testing
with Universal Frameworks & APIs

Behind the scenes with AB Tasty's Head of Product: Gabriel Szanto
and Country Manager Benelux: Hanneke Verhoef

  • What? English-spoken webinar by AB Tasty
  • When?¬†December 14th 2017 at 2pm (CET)
  • For whom? A/B test fanatics

API Testing

Server-side testing? AB Tasty approaches this with API testing. This approach ensures our clients with unlimited possibilities on targeting and adapting for all devices (desktop, mobile, IoT).

A/B Testing for React and Angular

Universal Frameworks

AB Testing with dynamic frameworks, such as React.js or Angular.js, gives a lot of trouble for most client-side testing tools. For the fact that these tools need to implement the A/B testing solution code, that automatically executes on every page load in order to read modifications. AB Tasty has found the solution and is pushing the boundaries.

Check this article to learn more about the technical background of our solution!