Digital Summit 2021

The Future of Experience Optimization

Join AB Tasty and our seasoned solutions partners, Conversion, iProspect, HYD, and Conversionista, as they share their digital expertise during this morning dedicated to experience optimization.

The future of experience optimization is now!

The world has changed and greatly accelerated the use and adoption of the digital channel as a way of life. This radical change has also accelerated the demand for more immersive and personalized experiences, which customers now demand and expect.

Brands that prioritize meeting and exceeding these expectations will be the big winners.

During this virtual event, our speakers explore the themes of personalization, experimentation, data, AI, and how they shape digital experiences over the coming year. We also look at tactics for implementing effective, personalized, and differentiated digital experiences.


The summit is divided into 5 sessions. Interested in multiple sessions? Register for each session you’d like to view below.
Registering for a session does not automatically register you for the entire event or for additional sessions.

Session 1

2021 Trends: How to Optimize Your Digital Experiences

With 2020 firmly behind us, we’ll look to the future and the opportunities of 2021. In this session, Elin Sahlsten, Head of Partnerships UK & Nordics at AB Tasty will give a brief welcome note, followed by guest speaker James McCormick, Principal Analyst: Customer Insights at Forrester, who will share the latest data and examples from the research and consulting firm. 
Expect a look at the key trends around digital experience optimization, how you can master data and Artificial Intelligence to personalize the experience and drive experimentation, followed by a live Q&A.

James McCormick

Principal Analyst: Customer Insights


Elin Sahlsten

Head of Partnerships UK & Nordics

Session 2

Finding Your Experimentation DNA

Step up your experimentation and find your DNA. As optimizers, we are always looking for the next thing to test, hoping that it will generate that huge uplift that you have dreamed of. But instead, you have seen your numbers stagnate, and your site starts to look like everyone else’s.

During this talk, you will learn more about what you need to do to stand out and take the lead over your competitors. Frida will share four actionable pointers that you can implement straight away.

Frida Morberg

Head of UX

Session 3

Adopting Winning UX & CX Strategies in 2021

The impact of COVID-19 in digital cannot be understated, major shifts in consumer behavior have both positively and negatively impacted brands depending on their sector and ability to adapt to the market conditions.

Our UX & CX experts will be discussing the impact that COVID-19 has had on 2020 and associated learnings, key trends going into 2021 and how brands can strategically adopt actionable insights to drive innovation and collaboration within their organizations.

Tom Collins

Optimization Associate Director, Dentsu International

Session 4

The Future of Experimentation (Don't Just Test What You Were Going To Do Anyway)

Most A/B tests are boring. That’s because we’re only testing “good” ideas – the changes that everyone agrees are a good idea. But experimentation can do so much more. It lets us measure the effect of any change we want – so why limit ourselves to what we were going to do anyway?

In this session, Stephen from will share how the best experimenters are running bolder experiments across customer experience, product and pricing.

Stephen Pavlovich

Managing Director

Session 5

How To Approach Mobile & App Optimization like a Product-Led Company

Join Alice and Sam from HYD for this virtual fire-side chat as they share real-life examples of app experience optimization and how you can implement the most effective wins for the year ahead.

Alice Heath

Mobile Designer

Sam Crocker

Chief Experience Officer

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