JULY 2019

Early summer release

From back to front, sleeker visuals and faster performance

Our latest product update should turn the heads of pixel pushers and data geeks alike.

This update includes an overhaul of our reporting, an integration with Tealium’s popular CDP AudienceStream, a visual refresh of several features, and a strengthening of our support for enterprises with functionality to scale in China as well as a workaround for some apropos data quality issues in Safari.

Read on to see what’s new.

New reports

We spent the last year rethinking our entire data collection and reporting engine.
Now with a new visual UI, we've launched an entirely upgraded reporting experience.

Optimized for your workflows
We’ve optimized the UI and layout of our reports so you can test, learn and implement—fast. One hundred percent of those surveyed found New Reports more visually appealing.

Gain probability
Our new Gain Probability metric is powered by the same Bayesian statistical engine as before, but we simplified it for clarity.

Set and achieve goals, clearly
To align with our best practice of setting a primary goal along with any secondary goals, we’ve introduced a brand new step in the campaign creation process.

Scalable for the future
The biggest changes to our New Reports are under the surface. Our Universal Collect data collection model lets us collect more data with better performance. And thanks to React JS, our features are fully modular so we can continue to improve reports incrementally.

Widget library revamp

Not using nudge engagement widgets? Our visual refresh should get you inspired.

Browse by category
User feedback revealed some useful widgets were hard to find, so we revamped our nudge engagement widget library based on category. Get started by finding your desired widget and clicking ‘Add’.

Personalize your content
Our Nudge Engagement Widgets can use the same targeting criteria as any other campaign. Leverage your saved Audiences to maximize your conversions with nudge engagement.

Tealium AudienceStream

We built a new integration to Tealium's popular CDP, AudienceStream.

Extend your audiences
Toward our mission of making personalization easy, we’ve added an integration to Tealium’s AudienceStream that lets you simply search for your Tealium Audiences—and extend them with AB Tasty’s robust targeting criteria.

Notifications for mobile

Stay on top of what's happening in your accounts with our new mobile notifications.
AB Tasty Mobile app campaigns

Governance on-the-go
Whether a campaign has been started or a user has been added, keep tabs on everything happening in your account with our new notifications for mobile. In addition to operating as a remote control for your tests, now our mobile app is your alert system.

Download the app: