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Know someone or some business who could benefit from the AB Tasty platform?

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Drop us a line and let them know how we can help them optimize their business.

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We’ll give you a $50 Amazon gift card just for letting us know. 

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 Once they sign up with AB Tasty, you will receive 5% of the annual contract value. It’s that easy.

"AB Tasty is Delicious!  It has great graphical user interface, fantastic support, great pricing structure and we are able to work on almost all dynamic content through GUI." - Matt Sparks, Ecommerce Optimization Manager @Ashley Furniture

"AB Tasty is currently the best tool given our maturity level in AB testing. The support is very efficient and we can "influence" the tool roadmap thanks to our needs." - Sylvain Duthilleul, Web Analyze, AB Testing & Customization @Decathalon

"We have been using AB Tasty for two years to test and implement changes, validate user experience hypothesis and get user feedback. It's an easy, powerful tool and we have a real one to one support team." - Javier Gómez de la Mata, Ecommerce Manager @ Fleurop Interflora España

"AB Tasty is the perfect tool to make educated decisions about your website. The tool is easy to handle and understand, the support is very responsive and helpful. We tested new features very easily which allowed us to improve our main KPIs, with very clear results." - Francois Ducreaux, Digital Operations Project Manager @Cartier

"If you plan to become a heavy user of A/B tests to optimize your business, I strongly recommend AB Tasty over other solutions. It has the greatest ROI for sure. We increased our conversion rate on lead generation pages by more than 22% and our ratio of recurring/one-shot donations for a non-profit organization by 285%." - Sylvain Marbach, Director of Innovation @SNI Editions