Pricing Information

  • A/B/n tests through WYSIWYG editor
  • Advanced editor (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Split tests
  • Multivariate tests
  • Funnel tests
  • Server side tests through API
  • Native application tests (iOS and Android SDK)
  • Compatible with React, Angular and other JS frameworks
  • Project management planning system
  • Customizable, real-time social proof and urgency messaging
  • Industry-specific templates to nudge visitors into action: pop-ins, countdown clocks, slide ins, banners...
  • Campaigns that are triggered at the right time and place, e.g.: exit intent, time on page, events, scroll percentage, inactivity, on page load…
  • First and third party segmentation criteria
  • Wide range of customization options
  • WYSIWYG editor or advanced code editor
  • Expandable library of widgets
  • Create your own widgets
  • Page types, e.g.: URL variables, URL pattern, JavaScript variables, single or multiple pages...
  • Traffic source, e.g.: traffic type, referrer, landing page, cookies…
  • Visitor profile, e.g.: CRM or Data Management Platform segments, device, geolocation, browser, user agent, screen resolution, language...
  • Visitor behavior, e.g.: new or returning visitor, visit frequency, last visit, page views per session, events...
  • Context, e.g.: weather, custom variables...
  • E-commerce goals (e.g.: transaction completions, average order value, ordered items…)
  • Engagement metrics (e.g.: page views, scroll rate…)
  • Custom goals (e.g.: events, clicks…)
  • Unlimited goals per campaign
  • Multiple goals per campaign
  • Bayesian and multi-armed bandit optimization algorithms
  • Real time results
  • Data export
  • Data filtering on native and custom dimensions
  • Third party data integrations (web analytic tools)
  • Session Recording
  • Heatmap
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Audience Discovery

Analytics Tools

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • IBM Coremetrics
  • Comscore
  • Webtrekk
  • Webtrends
  • Segment
  • View all

DMP and Data Onboarding

  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • Oracle (formerly Bluekai)
  • Krux
  • Liveramp
  • Tealium
  • View all
  • Unlimited tests
  • Unlimited tested users
  • Unlimited tested domains
  • Multiple users per account
  • Access rights management, ex: admin, creator, viewer…
  • Multi-account access
  • Single Sign On
  • Online knowledge base
  • Live chat
  • Email and phone support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • On-site onboarding
  • On-going training
  • Service & Consulting
AB Tasty recognized in A/B Testing based on user reviews
AB Tasty recognized in A/B Testing based on user reviews

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Optimising your website has never been this easy

Don't miss out on a single conversion because your IT team wasn't available. You'll be able to quickly optimise your website, and become a whole lot more agile

  • A JavaScript tag you only have to install once

  • Drag & Drop website editor

  • Sophisticated, pre-configured modifications

  • No IT knowledge necessary


One complete solution to maximize your ROI

Stop piling on more and more solutions - and additional costs. With one single platform, you can identify conversion obstacles, correct them, test the effectiveness of your changes, and be proactive.

  • Heatmaps and recorded session navigation

  • A/B, multivariate, split and multi-page tests

  • Personalise the user journey with advanced audience segmentation using over 30 targeting criteria

  • Nudge engagement templates for social proof, sales promotions, stress marketing, reducing shopping cart abandonment, etc.

Your current tools are already integrated with AB Tasty

You have more possibilities at your fingertips thanks to our integrations: leverage data from third-party tools or analyse your results in your preferred reporting tool.

  • Integrated with major Web Analytics providers

  • Advanced integration with your DATA, CRM, and DMP tools

  • A community always working on developing new features

  • A partner network to work with you on your CRO strategy


First-class support

Benefit from premium support: you'll have a dedicated, proactive and available Customer Success Manager to make sure you get the most out of the platform.

  • 30 client account managers

  • Response time < 9 minutes

  • Client satisfaction rate > 90%

  • Client support known for its quality

A leading conversion rate optimisation company

When you work with AB Tasty, you can rely on a solid partner - one that's growing internationally, and that keeps client satisfaction and innovation at the heart of their development. 

  • Proven expertise

  • 11 billion visitors tested

  • 200+ employees, including 40% dedicated to R&D

  • International presence (10 offices worldwide)

  • Over $22 million of fundraising

They Trust Us

Matt Sparks

Matt Sparks

eCommerce Optimization Manager @AshleyFurniture

AB Tasty is Delicious!  It has great graphical user interface, fantastic support, great pricing structureand we are able to work on almost all dynamic content through GUI.

Sylvain Duthilleul

Sylvain Duthilleul

Web Analyse, AB testing & Customization @Decathlon

AB Tasty is currently the best tool given our maturity level in AB testing. The support is very efficient and we can "influence" the tool roadmap thanks to our needs.

Javier Gomez de la Mata

Javier Gómez de la Mata

Ecommerce Manager @Fleurop Interflora España

We have been using AB Tasty for two years to test and implement changes, validate user experience hypothesis and get user feedback. It's an easy, powerful tool and we have a real one to one support team.

Francois Ducreux

Francois Ducreux

Digital Operations Project Manager @Cartier

AB Tasty is the perfect tool to make educated decision about your website. The tool is easy to handle and understand, the support is very responsive and helpful. We tested new features very easily which allowed us to improve our main KPI, with very clear results.

Sylvain Marbach

Sylvain Marbach

Director of Innovation @SNI Editions

If you plan to become a heavy user of A/B tests to optimize your business, I strongly recommend ABTasty over other solutions. It has the greatest ROI for sure. We increased our conversion rate on lead generation pages by more than 22% and our ratio of recurring/one-shot donations for a non-profit organization by 285%.