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In uncertain economic times, product innovation might seem too risky to undertake – especially with all of the “what ifs?” involved.

With Mixpanel and AB Tasty, you can leverage advanced analytics in feature experimentation and management to measure and validate your product innovations before investing the time and resources required to bring them to market.

Join this session to learn more about how product analytics and feature experimentation can drive product innovation and impact your bottom line – without the usual risks.

You’ll leave this session knowing how to

  • leverage product analytics and experimentation to impact your bottom line.
  • safeguard your revenue and mitigate the risk involved with CX changes.
  • target your actions to validate your best ideas so you feel secure and confident in your product innovations.

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  • Scott Singerman
    VP, Global Partnerships
  • Devon Boyd
    Head of Technology Partnerships
    AB Tasty
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