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Agile teams use Flagship to run server-side experiments using feature flags in parallel with our client-side testing engine.

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Discover Flagship by AB Tasty – our new standalone platform designed for product and tech teams to manage, optimize and experiment with their features while minimizing the risk of a negative user experience.

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Optimize across the full customer journey

Whether you need to prevent a flicker effect on your marketing site, want to experiment with your mobile app onboarding flow, or are looking to test additional payment or shipping options at checkout, server-side testing gives you the power to deliver optimal experiences at every step of the customer journey.

Share the power of experimentation

Experimentation is no longer only the domain of marketing — product and tech teams can pair server-side testing with feature flagging and progressive rollouts to get experimental with code, test on canary audiences, and optimize the way features are shipped and released.

Case Study
The team at Weekendesk shares their experience with Flagship

“Flagship let us be more autonomous and also mitigate risk thanks to progressive rollouts. We can test new features on specific segments of our user base, better integrate user feedback in real-time, set up kill switches, and especially, run experiments.”

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