User session recording

Learn how your users navigate your site and why they do not convert

Understand the behaviour of your users. Without any hassle.

Fret no more over an unbearable amount of figures as you try to make sense of your collected data and simply visualize the interactions your users have with your site. Your users navigation sessions will speak for themselves. You see every click, every movement of the mouse, every form that has been completed or not…

Revive your optimization strategy.

By observing the sticking points, the difficulties found with navigation and the misunderstood aspects of your site, you are able to understand why your users are not converting and discover which improvements are the most urgent and which ones to prioritize. This qualitative feedback completes the qualitative approach that many struggle with when they don’t know what to analyse.

Make the feedback understandable.

We know you don’t have time to view hundreds of videos. Automatically identify the most interesting videos with the help of our new activity indicator or record personalized events during your user’s navigation. With a simple JavaScript call, you can dynamically tag the videos to filter them afterwards.

Segment your videos. Structure your analysis.

You benefit from all the functionalities to filter the videos that correspond to the users or behavior you wish to analyse. Filter by pages viewed, device, navigator, OS, date, length of session… Join tags to each video to access them easily thereafter. You can also link internal data to your videos and use them to filter the recordings.

Enrich the analysis of your test and take action.

Focus on the user videos that have been subject to previous tests and analyse why certain variations function better than others. Thank to our widgets, you can then operate the recordings drawn to launch new tests, commercial animation campaigns, or engagement stimulation.


Session recording

Record all activity, e.g. clicks, scrolls, mouse movements, form interactions

Controls and playback

Play/pause, fast forward, direct access to a particular part of the video, skip inactive parts

Targeted recording

Record all pages or only the ones you wish to analyse

Segmentation and filters

Fast access to videos by date, device, navigator, OS, length of session, pages viewed, etc.

Custom events

Dynamic event trigger (e.g. add to cart, form error, subscription, etc.)

Video management

Personalized tags, bookmarked interesting videos, share, video downloads and deletion

Mobile Compatibility

Record pinch, zoom, tap and swipe to analyse interactions on mobile interfaces

Confidentiality and security

Automatic obfuscation of sensitive data: email, telephone, password, credit card number...

Session Recording FAQ

User Session Replay allows you to replay and watch a recorded session made by a visitor. With this data insight, the individual sessions of your visitors are recorded. The mouse movements and clicks of the users can be used to determine how they interact with your website. With this tool you will be able to focus on the central points of customer journeys on your site and learn what can be improved and optimized in the design and user-friendliness of your website.

The session recording feature relies on the presence of the AB Tasty tag. Once the page has been loaded, it creates a script that connects to the AB Tasty API, captures the page content and uses the HTML MutationObserver API to detect the changes that have occurred in the page’s DOM (Document Object Model).

The script simultaneously monitors the other events to know the cursor position or keyboard interaction. All modifications are serialized and sent to our servers in real-time, where they are automatically recorded in the database. Within the AB Tasty application, a player is responsible for recovering and recomposing approximate data to replay the navigation session.

The User Session Replay feature has a very small impact on the user’s navigation experience. The script is loaded asynchronously to ensure that the page’s modifications are not blocked, and once charged, a two-way communication path is opened between your navigator and our servers. This is done so that your users actions can be recorded in the most efficient way.

Throughout the activation of the session recording feature, you and your account manager can define the daily video recording quotas (500, 1 000, 2 000, 5 000, 10 000…). The quotas that are not used within a day are not recorded the following days.
The videos are stored for 30 days. Beyond that point, they are automatically deleted. Nevertheless, you have the option of downloading the videos to analyse at a later date. Another function allows you to bookmark certain videos. A bookmarked video can not be deleted.

During the creation of a session replay campaign, you should define the pages on which the recordings will be active. To record the whole navigation session, you should include a very large targeting (e.g. URL contains “”).

The videos will include all the pages viewed by the user. If, however, you specify a more restricted targeting (e.g. URL content/products/), the recordings will only be launched when the page is viewed by the user and will stop if any page it consults does not respect this criteria.

To limit the recording of your purchase funnel, you should use an operator such as “URL contains /cart” if all the steps in your funnel are regrouped in under this URL format. By indicating URL contains “/shipping”, it is likely that you have only recorded the navigation for one individual page.

We have 2 available methods to limit the scope of your analysis.

  • The a priori targeting method, which limits video recordings solely on pages that interest you, as detailed above.
  • The retrospective filtering method, which has many available criteria including a tag system. You can create these tags either manually or programmatically to automatically identify the videos (e.g. all session videos in which there was an add to cart).
Session Recording has many ways to ensure the confidentiality of your users’ data. We never display the full IP of a user. Sensitive data entered by a user is obfuscated and replaced by an * for the email, telephone, credit card number and password fields.

Given that personal data is hidden, we do not collect any personal data. In relation to management of cookies, user session replay relies on the presence of an AB Tasty tag and on the same operating mode.

You can therefore monitor the general cookie regulations to ensure you conform with the european guidelines, based on implicit or explicit user consent. Equally a web analytics tool, you are encouraged to update your legal notice and specify that you are using a customer journey analysis solution (session recording) with the aim of improving user experience.