Brand loyalty ​
isn't what it used to be

E-commerce has changed the way we shop. Consumers are constantly browsing, researching before purchasing, and have no problem switching between brands for a better deal. So how do you get them to stay? The experience.

Some of our e-commerce clients

A one-size-fits-all approach won't work
when it comes to user experiences

Consumers want to find what they’re looking for—fast. Creating an intuitive user experience is about understanding visitors’ intent, and tailoring the customer journey around it.

Understand customers in real-time
Collecting insights after a user has left your site is a missed opportunity, understanding their journey in real-time will keep you a step ahead of their expectations.
Reduce cart abandonment
Test different checkout flows to optimize every step of the funnel. Ensure your clients follow through with their purchase.
Increase average order values
Smart messaging highlights opportunities for visitors to get more value out of each order, like adding another item to receive free shipping.
Create an experience that translates across channels
Consumers often switch between mobile and desktop devices when shopping online, and expect a seamless experience on both.
Show off in-demand products
Social proof messaging shows how many customers have already bought an item, or how few are left, to stave off any buyer indecision.
The right image can secure a purchase
Image Matchmaker automatically identifies the best-performing image in an experiment and then makes sure it's seen by the right audience.
Case Study
Ashley Furniture increased conversions by +15%

As a leading furniture and bedding company in the United States, Ashley Furniture generates a high volume of visitors to its online store. For this reason, optimizing its purchase process was a key step in improving conversion rates for new visitors.

Shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a huge issue for the vast majority of e-commerce sites. Most people think that it’s an unavoidable part of the digital sales process and that it’s useless to try and re-engage shoppers who have abandoned their cart. We disagree – and this ebook will explain why.

Dress up your e-commerce site for the holidays

As an e-commerce professional, you know the holiday season is, to be blunt, a spending frenzy. It also always seems to come out of nowhere. That’s what this holiday lookbook is for: to give e-commerce professionals, digital marketers, and CRO experts quick-win ideas for getting your site ready for the season.

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